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  1. Happy Birthday toyotainnascarin04!

  2. Engine: -CP Racing Pistons .20 overbore -Crower Rods -Completely balanced rotating assembly -Oversized Intake/Exhaust Valves -Titanium Valve Springs -Enlarged Intake/Exhaust Ports -HKS 272 Cams -HKS Adjustable Cam Gears(2) -ARP Head Studs -ARP Main Studs -HKS Metal Head Gasket -Solid filled Engine Mounts Turbo: -Pro Performance GTBB3037 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo Kit (Swain Technologies heat coated) -Tial 40mm Extenal Wastegate (Dumps to atmosphere) -HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve Intercooler: -Spearco w/Spal Fan Drivetrain: -Fidanza Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel -ACT Extreme Stage 4 Pressure Plate -ACT 6 Puck Clutch Disc -KAAZ 1.5 Way LSD -KAAZ Hypoid Gear Oil Electronics: -Apexi Super AFC Fuel Computer -HKS EVC-4 Boost Controller -HKS Fuel Cut Defencer -HKS Twin Power Ignition -Greddy EGT Guage -Greddy Electronic Boost Guage -HKS Iridium Plugs -Nology Wires Exhaust: -HKS Dual Dragger Intake: -HKS Super Mega Flow -TVIS Eliminator Fuel System: -Custom Dual Feed Fuel Rail -550cc Injectors -Supra TT Fuel Pump -Aeroquip Fuel Lines -Earl's Fittings Suspension: -Spax Adjustable Struts/Lowering Springs Wheels/Tires: -Enkie Aegis Chrome (17X8 Front, 17X9 Rear) -Pirelli P7000 Super Sports (225/35 Front, 245/40 Rear) Body: -Kaminari Body Kit (computer paint matched) -Painted Moldings I have only put 500 miles on the car scince these modifications were done. All parts were purchased brand new. I have been breaking the engine in on the stock computer and 12 PSI of boost. Once the engine is broke in, the car is built to handle 450-500 HP to the wheels!! I was waiting until the engine was broke in to have it dyno tuned, but it should be producing @350 HP currently. This turbo is extremely efficient and makes more power, at the same boost level, than any other on this application. It spools up very quickly scince it is Ball Bearing (3300 RPM,) and sounds completely nasty under boost!!
  3. from what you have said before dude. uou have no idea bout go..... car is very cool
  4. yea some guys think they k now it all and talk big and they don't realize it but they make themselves look dumb. they need some hehe... btw ur looking at the road while runnign the 1/4 i try and keep an eye on my gauges when at the track.. usually theres noithing coming the other way. But when racin u gotta be lookin at thoese gauges to know the in hell the car is doin
  5. I am a mechanic and a drag racer and i know what ur sayin dosen't make sense.. and i noticed that alot of what you say on here doesn't make sense.. just be honest bout your car like some other guy said...110mph is more like it :). Driver ability has alot to do with ur times besides what u got done to it if you can't cut a good light ur not gonna be fast
  6. I wouldn't let it go because it isn't gonna get any better its only going ot get worse.. people who leave are the people who complain when they have ot pay more to get it fixed.. it will only lead ot further problems. so get it checked now. As for the guy with the brakes its too late when they stop working...even though u will still have some brakes if only a line goes or something but i think thats a pretty dumb way to look at things
  7. A 2 year old car losing an engine i gotta think that there was more than just one problem if you treated the car right. Really if you get reg. oil changes then i have no idea where the oil could of gone unless you drive l ike a madman :)
  8. you know its good the drivers are positive but nothing can replace ... good results.. at the end of the day thats what makes me happy. I mean its find to say.. we had a good day.....untill i spun. If u spun its a bad day if u didn't spin got a top 5 maybe a top 3 then thats a good day you feel like you accomplished something. However they should not get depressed over poor results either. just don't get too happy over them
  9. this is a list of sites to help you keep up to date on the f-1 and other toyota racing series ---- you can view NHRA-drag racin----IRL---NASCAR---grand am racing---and off road racing the f-1 news from toyota Racing news site just click on F-1 at the top of the page I find these sites are really good and reding them after every race weekend keeps you well informed on everything thats going on. racingone is a general site and just has news and press releases from around F-1. Adam
  10. wonder if i can stuff this into my 91 corolla
  11. trucks are just as good as the cars... if anyione wants to tell me how to put more than one p ic on a post feel free :P
  12. Toyota is big into drag racin over herer as u can see
  13. just though ya all would think this is kinda cool