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  1. Hi Colin, is the PCD 5 X 114.3?
  2. estate

    corolla 2019

    Nearly all if not every modern car has Electric power steering (EPS). An electric motor that is mounted on either the steering column or steering gear (usually a rack-and-pinion setup these days) applies torque to the steering column, assisting the driver to turn the steering wheel. Sensors detect the position of the steering wheel and any input from the driver.
  3. Thanks for deleting the duplicate post. I posted it on the wrong forum and tried doing it myself but couldn't figure it out.
  4. Had this problem when the car was under a year old, were the drivers internal door locking handle wouldn't (intermittently) unlock the the door. The dealership replaced a cable at the same time as they replaced the drivers window actuator as there was a grinding noise whilst closing window and it's been fine for about 12 months or so, now its back again and it's so intermittent that I'll probably leave it until it permanently fails or until my next service as I can still open the door by using the electrical door unlock button and this works every time. I have auto door lock enabled and I don't really want to disable it. Anyone got any thoughts of what would be causing the cable (if it is the cable again) to keep failing?
  5. estate

    MP3/USB query

    I also think this is the issue, as I'm sure the max you can connect is 8GB.
  6. I take it Bryan that the ability to disable the key fob is only available on the latest models (2018-19), if not what is the procedure?
  7. Yes In read that report when it was published Mike. I also read the Thatcham report and it points out that some carmakers have made significant strides in addressing keyless entry/start vulnerability, by either switching to a more secure wireless technology or introducing key fobs that go to sleep when idle. This demonstrates that there are solutions and fixes to the problem, which they expect other manufacturers to include on their future models. The technology is out there, other manufactures like Toyota just needs to address the vulnerabilities that exist.
  8. Not sure about this procedure Scott. The only procedure that Toyota told me was what you also mentioned, but they say that only to disable the Smart Entry, so it's not something you would be doing every time you use the car.
  9. It's not really a friendly workaround, switching the keyless system off then on again. I think it's only ment if you want to disable it for long periods. There is far better security systems out there that have a better way of defeating this type of theft.
  10. The exception being the manufacturers that have a secure system fitted to thier vehicles.
  11. Toyota GB answer to customers concerned about vehicle security is to take extra steps to secure their vehicle by purchasing signal blocking pouch for less that £10. So you purchase a £30,000 corolla and and spend an extra £10 to make it more secure, not fully addressing the problem.
  12. I had a similar problem with my 2012 Tourer after only a year old, both front window pillars were soaking wet after heavy rain showers. They replaced the windscreen seal under warranty and put it down to poor quality control.
  13. Martyn, it usually starts to update after a couple of mins. Check that you only have the files below on your USB and not the master file, 6.11.2, as this can cause problems.
  14. Baught my first Toyota in 1984, a corolla Gli after getting fed up of being a member of the "British under the bonnet club", never looked back, served me over 200,000mls with very little problems.
  15. Good to see the old name restored.