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  1. Will have a look at getting a scanner. The 5 year warranty expires this month, but as the Toyota Relax scheme sounds good, I'll continue to get it serviced at the Toyota dealership to extent the warranty each year until its 10 years old.
  2. Update on the TPMS warning light permanently on: I booked my vehicle into the Toyota dealership for them to check the problem out before I got the MOT done and they found all the sensors were fine but several TPMS error codes were stored in the system. Once the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTS) were cleared the TPMS light went out and the system reset. So that was a relief and no charge for the work by Toyota, so just another benefit for sticking to the Toyota dealership for doing the servicing on my vehicle, in my case anyway.
  3. I suppose it comes down to, if Toyota consider it as a consumable item, as its not specifically mentioned as not being covered by the warranty.
  4. No it doesn't have individual display, just the indicator light. It's getting serviced and MOT next week at a Toyota garage, so hopefully it's covered by the warranty. Thank you.
  5. How do you do that, please.
  6. Thanks, It doesn't have a spare wheel.
  7. Yes the tyre pressures are 36 PSI on the front and 33 PSI on the rear. I've gone through the reset tyre pressure procedure to no avail. I'm wondering if one of the sensors has failed or the battery has lost its charge.
  8. The Tyre Pressure warning light is illuminated on my 2017 Avensis Tourer, although the tyre pressures are correct and I'm unable to reset it using the procedure as detailed in the manual. Anybody got any ideas of the cause of the problem and is the TPMS covered by the 5 year warranty. Thanks for any help.
  9. This is the instruction to release the handbrake, from the manual.
  10. Gabriela, There are some websites that are really easy to navigate through, unfortunately I don't think Toyota's website falls into this category.
  11. Andy, what do mean by improvements to the software? I don't think we'll ever get an improvement to the software installed on the Avensis, just map updates. I hope I'm wrong but I think we've been left behind now.
  12. I believe its just the maps Andy and vehicle software updates are normally done at the dealership.
  13. My last Avensis had 2 sets of washer nozzle replaced as apparently they block extremely easy if you use cheap washer fluid. I've used good quality pre-mixed fluid for the past 5 years and I've never had a problem with the nozzles blocking. I used cheap undiluted washer fluid in the past with both my corolla and carinas without any problems. So my recommendation is not to use undiluted or cheap washer fluid in an Avensis.
  14. Is there a way to set the Multi Function Display to display MPH at start up. I set it to display MPH after starting the car, however after I switch off and restart the car, it displays one of the other displays: Average MPH or Milage to refuel. It used to always display the MPH at start up, but I can't work out how to make it the default setting again. Thanks for any help.
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