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  1. Is there a way to set the Multi Function Display to display MPH at start up. I set it to display MPH after starting the car, however after I switch off and restart the car, it displays one of the other displays: Average MPH or Milage to refuel. It used to always display the MPH at start up, but I can't work out how to make it the default setting again. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi, I had 2 previous problems with the drivers door manual opening, in that when you pulled the drivers door lever it wouldn't open the door but was fine when opened electrically by pushing the door toggle switch to open. The fault was cured by replacing the drivers door lock mechanism (twice), however I'm now unsure if the child door lock is permanently engaged and would appreciate some guidance. I have the vehicle set for autolock on the doors above, about 12MPH, but I don't have the mechanical child lock on the rear doors set to lock, but the only way someone can exit the rear d
  3. Magnus, if the cracks have just started, they can be a bit difficult to spot, a good light is needed. The photos show the crack on the drivers door of my 2012 Tourer (when I owned it), that I spotted when it was under 4 years old.
  4. Hi Konrad it's different on my vehicle as its set or cancelled on the vehicle setup on the screen. Setup/ Vehicle/ Vehicle customisation/ Door lock settings/ Auto unlock by driver door is ticked on the screen. Maybe the new drivers door lock that they fitted, as it was a different part number, is not compatible, don't know but I'll take it back to the Toyota garage for them to have a look, unless I'm missing something obvious.
  5. Spoke too soon about the door lock problem being fixed.....Just noticed that when you manually unlock the front door with the unlock handle, it doesn't unlock the rear doors, just like having the child locks activated, which isn't. To open the rear doors I have to press the unlock button to electrical open them. So another trip to the garage.
  6. Drivers door lock mechanism replaced, now working fine again. The garage mechanic said that they replaced the same part last year, not just the cable, although this one has a different part number, so may be modified, so just report back if I have the same problem.
  7. Thanks everyone for your response. Here is Toyota GB response: We've spoken with the experts here and can confirm that 5W-30 oil will not harm your vehicle and in the past we have recommended this as an alternative to 0W-30. However, going forward we now only recommend 0W-30 oil in your Avensis. So it looks like 0W-30 oil from now on.
  8. Thank you Mike, you've answered my query. Will make enquiries with them, when I next have it serviced.
  9. I used the tool on the Toyota GB site to check the correct oil grade for my vehicle and it came up with: 0W20 AFE, however checking my invoice from my last service at the local Toyota dealers it stated: 5W30 PFE. Anyone any ideas?
  10. Paul, after you find the correct jets I would advise you to only use quality premixed screenwash, as the jets are apparently not the best of quality and clog-up extremely easy. The drivers side jet on my 2012 avensis failed after a few years and was replaced under warranty, only to fail again after another 2 years. I replaced this avensis with a 2017 model and was advised to only used premixed screenwash, they haven't clogged up so far. Toyota will charge you about £15.00 for 1 jet.
  11. Hi Colin, is the PCD 5 X 114.3?
  12. Nearly all if not every modern car has Electric power steering (EPS). An electric motor that is mounted on either the steering column or steering gear (usually a rack-and-pinion setup these days) applies torque to the steering column, assisting the driver to turn the steering wheel. Sensors detect the position of the steering wheel and any input from the driver.
  13. Thanks for deleting the duplicate post. I posted it on the wrong forum and tried doing it myself but couldn't figure it out.
  14. Had this problem when the car was under a year old, were the drivers internal door locking handle wouldn't (intermittently) unlock the the door. The dealership replaced a cable at the same time as they replaced the drivers window actuator as there was a grinding noise whilst closing window and it's been fine for about 12 months or so, now its back again and it's so intermittent that I'll probably leave it until it permanently fails or until my next service as I can still open the door by using the electrical door unlock button and this works every time. I have auto door lock enabled
  15. I also think this is the issue, as I'm sure the max you can connect is 8GB.
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