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  1. Hi All there are 2 different part numbers for this ecu, does anyone know if they are different in any way, or should they both run my car ok. My part number is 89661-2B840 but there is a part number 89661-2B841 from the facelift model. many thanks.
  2. boghopper

    Lower Arm?

    try they are normally cheaper than tcb.
  3. afaik they are non adjustable, but don`t quote me on that.
  4. depending how much play there is mate, i had a fair amount on the offside rear, turned out to be the bushes for the rear suspension arms. thought it would only be a few quid, turns out that you have to have a new hub carrier as the bushes aren`t available seperately. bearing in mind this is gonna be the worst case scenario, £165+vat and fitting.
  5. i`ve got a local tuning company coming out wednesday to give it a full diagnostic check and see if he can find the problem with it.
  6. dawesy it`s an st205, but i got it sorted now fella, i have another prob thats come up tho if you have any advice, when the revs get to 4500rpm-5000rpm theres a hesitation from the engine pulling, it results in quite a jolt doesn`t happen evreytime, but does most times. any ideas/advice ? cheers glenn
  7. hello again, would anyone with a dump valve fitted be kind enough to post up some pics of their engine bay so i can see where i should be connecting my dump valve please? i have fitting instructions from bailey motorsport, but they are just written and no pics. i think i am going in the right direction but ain`t 100% certain and dont wanna knacker anything thru my stupidity. thanx in advance glenn
  8. ok here goes, in the gt4 that i have bought, there is a tv system, possibly sat nav aswell. the guy at the car sales place switched it on but it`s all in japanese obviously. now my question is this, is there a converter available so that it reads in english and transmitts english tv? thanx in advance , any info would again be greatly appreciated as i don`t really wanna waste the system and have to rip it out.
  9. so can i fit a single or dual piston dump valve? i have heard the normal whooshing sort of sounding ones, and also one that produces what i can only describe as a fluttering sort of sound, any ideas which is which? does the st205 gt4 have an afm? also don`t bailey dump valves come recommended anymore? i personally prefer the fluttering sound. and sorry for so many questions, i should know better at 35 years of age:-)
  10. andy figure 8`s felt nice and tight, gave them the roll backwards and forwards treatment, and no knocking noises on test drive. dawesy i`m hoping that i have found the right one aswell, all seems good with it, i suppose time will tell. and yes, when i pick it up in 2 weeks time i shall be posting a couple of pics for the whole world to see. :D ps. can any of you guys recommend a turbo timer that isn`t over expensive but will serve me well, and also i have been looking at dump valves/ blow off valves, there are single piston and twin piston, can anyone tell me which one the gt4 needs or what the differences are, and again, any recommendations would be great. cheers glenn (boghopper)
  11. i`ve have purchased the car now, it has 121000km/75,000miles on the clock, totally standard car with no mods at all. the car is sound in all aspects, bodywork is mint and engine isn`t noisy or smoky in anyway at all, it`s a 94 jdm import and i paid £5000 for it, i have looked at 5 or 6 so far for this sort of money and they where in very poor con compared to the 1 i got coming. it comes with 6 months warranty, 6months tax, twelve months mot fully serviced new cambelt fitted, new tyres on front and diff plate replaced. oh and de-ristricted, mph conversion and a new cat 1 alarm/immobilser. not a bad deal in my eyes :)
  12. hi guys and gals, i`m looking at getting a gt4, this will be my first turbo aspirated car, i have found 1 with 77,000 miles on the clock, and the price reflects the mileage. my question is this, how sound are the engines in relation to higher mileage, basically is this engine good for the usual 150,000 miles that toyota engines generally go on for. or is it an engine that will be problematic from here on? any info would be great and very welcome. thanx in advance glenn