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  1. Going through the drudgery of entering details for insurance renewal. On one site, its asking if it has an immobilizer. After entering the number plate, it defaults to "non-thatcham rated/other" is this correct? The other options are: thatcham 1 thatcham 2 none Thanks
  2. ok thanks fellas. i think it would look much cleaner with a rubber strip, but worried in case the gap is meant to be there.
  3. I just noticed I've not got a rubber strip on my 56 plate T-Spirit. Is it supposed to have one? just concerned in case it should and its letting too much air flow into the engine which may cause the bonnet to flip up.
  4. My rear parcel shelf really annoys me. Generally all it takes it to open and close it 2 or 3 times, and it comes off the notches at the back. When this happens, the tailgate can become difficult to shut, and when opened, the parcel shelf gets caught low-down, so the hatch only opens about 2-thirds of the way up. It drives me mad! Is it just mine, or is this a general problem? I bought this last August from my main Toyota dealer and is still under their 1 year warranty, so I was wondering would this sort of thing be covered?
  5. Is the centre cowl easy to remove (ie. the section that covers the display) It seems to be one separate piece, and I assume its clipped in but worried in case I snap anything. I need to get this out and hopefully replace, as the missus used a car air freshner spray the other day, and the deposits that fell on there has totally wrecked the base and the blue plastic display window.
  6. Yes they are colour coded. Had them fitted when I bought the car off the main dealer. They charged £250
  7. Excellent work mate However, you may get unwanted attention off plod as they issue FPN's for driving with "fog lights" unnecessarily.
  8. Thats a bit of overkill really. Its only worth bleeding the system if need be (every 2 years I think the schedule states, but not 100% sure on this), so unless your pads need changing due to the result of checks in the appropriate service, I wouldnt bother. You should be able to slide the caliper piston back quite easily with a G-Clamp or similar. In fact, as my discs were heavily lipped and I couldnt get the calipers off, I had to push it back with a flat-head screw driver (prized between the piston and the back brake pad) It went back quite easily. Before pushing back the piston to make room for the new pads to slide back on, just make sure you take the cap of the brake fluid reservoir first and put an old rag underneath in case some fluid over-spills when the piston goes back.
  9. Not sure if its particular to my model (2006 1.3 T-Spirit, French VIN with the Teves braking system) but there were no shims. Its got a full main dealer service history and I took the original Toyota pads off and they were shimless, so I would suspect if it needed them, they would have been on there already. Just put the mintex ones on, and they were an exact copy of the Toyota ones, complete with clips that go inside the piston for the inside pad. Even if they do require shims, then they are certainly not needed as they are completely silent (so far!!)
  10. I finally got round to changing the front discs+pads Saturday. The old pads had started to scrape a bit and the discs were heavily lipped, so I bought discs+pads for the same price as toyota wanted just to replace the pads (£80). I had Mintex pads, and the discs were from a company called ComLine, who supplied Allied Nippon discs, which seem to be pretty good to be honest. Job took about 2 hours in all, and would have been much shorter had it not been for the discs being so lipped I couldnt get the caliper off, so had to prize the piston back in situ, the damn awkward clip that holds the outside pad in place being next to impossible to put back, and also hit a problem with the top caliper bolt (passenger side) as room to get a socket and wrench to it was terrible due to a big nut directly behind it. Anyway, all looks well now, as I also painted the drums and rims of the discs with hammerite to avoid the awful looking rusting that appears there after a while. Braking seems much better now. Old discs/pads seemed to take a while for braking to take affect, then all of a sudden, they kicked in sharply. They are now much smoother now, having much more progressive braking. So job done. Just thought I'd share my experiences with you.
  11. Cheers mate. I cancelled my order as the seller wanted to send me a set of discs supplied by Comline instead of the Mintex and was only prepared to offer a £10 discount. The Comline discs are over £25 cheaper on the Comline website compared to the set I was buying. If he offered £20 off I would have considered it. Anyone heard of Comline discs before? If so, are they any good.
  12. The seller I bought the discs+pads off ebay is now saying he has no mintex discs left on the shelf and mintex is out of stock. (Why the hell were they for sale on ebay in the first place I ask myself!!!) We've established the front pads for 56 plate 1.3 Yaris French VIN Teves braking system is part no MDB2769 Looking at the Mintex site, there seems to be 3 possibilities for part no for the discs, ie: MDC1832 ======= Trade Numbers: 98200 1642 Fitting Position: Front Axle Vehicle Production Country: France, Brake Disc Type: Internally Vented, Ø: 258 mm, Br. Disc Thickness: 22,0 mm, Height: 46,2 mm, Hole Pitch / Number: 04/06, Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info 2: without wheel hub, without wheel studs MDC2061 ======= Trade Numbers: 98200 1562 0 1 Fitting Position: Front Axle Vehicle Production Country: Japan, Braking / Drive Dynamics: For vehicles with ABS, Brake Disc Type: Internally Vented, Ø: 275 mm, Br. Disc Thickness: 22,0 mm, Height: 46,3 mm, Hole Pitch / Number: 04/06, Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info 2: without wheel hub, without wheel studs MDC2062 ======= Trade Numbers: 98200 1561 0 1 Fitting Position: Front Axle Vehicle Production Country: Japan, Braking / Drive Dynamics: for vehicles without ABS, Brake Disc Type: Internally Vented, Ø: 255 mm, Br. Disc Thickness: 22,0 mm, Height: 46,3 mm, Hole Pitch / Number: 04/06, Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info 2: without wheel hub, without wheel studs I may now have to order discs separately from pads, so I'd like to ensure I'm getting the correct ones. Any idea which of these (if any!) is the correct disc for my Yaris? Going by the country, I assume its the first one, but would like to be sure.
  13. I would be very surprised if this is the case. I bought this from my local main Toyota dealer and has a full service history and recall work all done by themselves. I'm doing the front discs and pads soon, so when I've got it jacked up I'll have a look.
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