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  1. I have a stitched leather, quilted boot liner in black...the epitome of luxury. I bought it off the Internet and actually bought two of them, I intend to overlay my interior mats and cut out new ones from the liner...I will use the original edging from the old mats to edge the new set...a bit of work I know but when you compare the £80.00 asking price of matching mats to the cost of the liner £35.00 it’s a no brainier, for an afternoons work and I have the equipment to do the job so I might as well have a play.
  2. As it's never happened before I was reasonably sure it was a regen...quite spectacular especially for the cars stuck behind me...Ha Ha Ha !
  3. Hi everyone, I'm still here...whilst stuck in rush hour trafic in a stop start situation for 40 mins my car suddenly produced the most horrendous cloud of white smoke from the exhaust which lasted about a minute then stopped and everything was fine. No loss of power, increase in revs or anything other than the smoke...I have a 2010 facelift RAV4 D4D XTR 2.2 with just 50,000 miles on the clock. Serviced and maintained by RRG Stockport. It's happened once befor about two years ago whilst in traffic in France. Any Ideas, have I got a problem. Thanks Paul
  4. My lovely new car has a similar problem to my previous Toyotas in as much as the change up from first to second gear where it grabs/clunks/crunches/baulks a little.....Toyota say this is normal I'm not so sure...my first Rav did it as did the next two new Yaris the avensis tourer and now this one....the only two that were OK were the auris and the new Yaris 1.4 d4d. Toyota say its a trait with Toyota gearboxes and is no detriment to the unit. They usually change the oil and this helps. Oh and there is a slight difference when the gearbox is hot and cold.
  5. Fully loaded and resplendent in dark metallic blue (titan midnight) this car has a whole host to extras on top of the XTR package....I love the leather and alacantara seats, especially the drivers electric one. The CD is the six CD changer and is a cracking bit of kit...I got a great deal and new tyres as part of my package. A run today saw 48 mpg non the motorway from the very perky 2.2 D4D....help needed I can use my phone to receive calls but can't get the system to store my contacts so can't make calls. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy 4s.
  6. Hands free kit for Avensis, Auris or Yaris with correct wiring loom fitted for all three cars. Comes with a brand new paired dash or steering wheel control unit and accessory cable for iPhone, USB, jack or remote charging, microphone etc.....sold boxed ready to fit...takes less than 20 mins.this is a crackingnunit and works faultlessly. £55.00 posted pay pal only.
  7. Laser cut from chrome plastic...perfect fit as per the o.e.m item....but not steel. Fit in 5 mins, comes with adhesive strips already fitted....Bought two in error and one is for sale at £18.00 posted...pay pal only.
  8. One of each mk1 and mk2 rear number protector in black 180 micron no bubble carbon fiber ...laser cut to exact shape...easy fit just £10.00 each posted. Pay pal only.
  9. Hi I've just bought a 2010 rav with 17 inch wheels will any of them fit as I only have the repair kit not a spare and I do prefer a proper spare. If you can be bothered some pics would be of help.
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    Rav 4

    Well I've only gone and bought it...2010 2.2 XTR, leather tints electric seats etc....so question is will a 17 spacesaver from an avensis fit my new rav or do I have to buy a car specific tyre as the rav only comes with the pump/foam kit.
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    Rav 4

    Insurance group 26......omg! Mine is 11, what is this going to cost me a year....I pay £320 fully comp for two drivers at the moment...probably talking double. Ah well have to lose weight anyway, so that's the beer of the shopping list every month and the cake, the biscuits etc etc.
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    Rav 4

    So this afternoon I am hoping to buy a 2010 2.2 D4D XTR with the new fuel efficient engine...and getting very excited at the prospect...unfortunately it means my beautiful Auris has to go, shame really as it has been fault less and returned a regular 50+ mpg. Some of you will remember my original blue Rav 4 which is still in my signature. I see this car often and it still looks good. Anyway more later.
  13. After two years of dodgy air con, low gas, no gas, Toyota gave me a new compressor and condenser and the result is I now have very cold, top notch air con and its blooming wonderful. Best of all I also got a new !Removed! lighter to boot. Thanks Toyota for extended warranties. Cost to me a big fat ZERO....
  14. What his the cost for a new socket from Toyota or can I retrofit a generic from Halfords.
  15. I want to replace my broken !Removed! lighter with a twin USB power module as I only ever used it for charging my phone and Tom Tom...what do I need and is there a direct replacement or do I need to bustardise a unit and retrofix it. Urgent help please as I am going to France for a month and need to sort it real soon.
  16. Thanks for the update and the edit on my comment....will sort it soon.
  17. Mine only works if I turn the charger in a certain position and has been a problem for three years... Do I nhave to replace the whole item and how much will it cost because it is a pain especially when trying to charge the TomTom whilst driving through France.
  18. Apparently my auris does have one and it must be working because I don't suffer with sooting and get a regular 56 mpg for a gallon of diesel.......the reference of the touch and go on the yaris was important as it always shows you when the DPF unit is working as the fuel economy shows just 25 mpg for the time it is on and works fine for the rest of the time it is not working, this is what firstly brought our attention to what we thought was a fault which you have all pointed out is a natural occurrence. So thanks to you all for your input...the car is doing what it should be and that's great.
  19. Its never happened in my Auris D4D 1.4 to my knowledge but does so with frequency in the yaris....maybe its just a yaris thing and is more noticeable with the touch and go.
  20. Yep I researched it and it sounds about right....I will speak to Toyota on Tuesday... Wish me luck.
  21. The DPF what is this, and is it supposed to do this.
  22. When the engine is hot the fuel system starts to hunt and the engine becomes a little rough...if you pull over the engine ticks over at 1000-1050 rpm...all this time the fuel economy drops to 25 mpg on the touch and go...this continues for fifteen minutes exactly every time and then the engine restores itself.....to run for a few days without problem, but then returns again sporadically....it only happens when hot and can be motorway or normal roads. Toyota say there is no problem and cannot find a fault even though they have been shown video and photographic evidence...this last time they said they had run the car whilst hot and had it on the rolling road for two days....shame they did not check the mileage as they had only done two miles on the dash. So I need your help anyone have the same problem or know of a cure.
  23. I have a short stubby one (wife says its fine and not a problem) and it sure pulls in the signal fine, it has a wind of cable round it and covered in plastic, short stubby and compact and much tidyer.
  24. Besancon is lovely, right on the Swiss borders with beautiful vistas and terroir....and the wine is Jura and Arbois savagnan grape.....very quafible.
  25. I do like this car and my Avensis Tourer which was superb...costs and it not getting much use decided decided the tourers fate so we bought the Auris which feels bigger and more poised than it is, as for the fuel we recorded 67 mpg on one steady motorway trip to France and generally on the motorways here in blighty I get up to 60 mpg. The engine is a very torquey and nippy unit and nothing seems to faze it. Full or empty its willing to go. I also have to add that I find the same with our Yaris 1.4 12 plate, it too is no slouch and the fuel economy is just outstanding.