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  1. I wonder if anyone could help. I have a 2003 (53) LC5 and It's fantastic - had from new.. I however over the past couple of years had a problem with my sat nav unit and I'm at the point where I just want to get it resolved. My issue is that I get the message unable to read dvd correctly. Check if the dvd is damaged or dirty I basically cant use the unit for direction and thats causing pain. I did a few years ago have a copy of a new DVD posted to me and after some deliberation I wondered if that may be my issue. Due to a nasty marital split I cant get access to the original DVD. I've been into my local dealer too and they struggle to get the disk to eject from the unit and basically couldnt help. I wonder if there was anyone out there that had a similar experience that could help. I would be so very grateful. Regards, Rob
  2. Hi, I have a 2003 (53) Toyota landcruiser LC5. The car has been spot on bar a recent problem that I am struggling to fix with the Sat Nav unit. Basically the touch screen simply says that the disc cant be read so I have lost my sat Navigation. I have removed the unit from under the drivers seat and cant see anything wrong. I have tried the disc in another LC5 and it works fine. I suspect my problem is that the unit cant read the disc. Has anyone had a similar issue and any ideas as to how to resolve? Thanks
  3. Many thabks for the response and absolutely cracking site but does now show the evaporator.
  4. Hi, I have an 2003 LC5 and its been trouble free bar the air con. Just after the warranty eneded(typical) I lost coolant from a pipe that was cracked of which I had to pay Toyota to fix as no one else would touch it. Its been fine since but recently I've noticed a drop in performance of the air con and after looking around I found that a plug at the base of the evaporator is leaking coolant - looks like some of the previously injected dye is dripping out. Back to Toyota and they confirmed and would have to replace the full evaporator unit and with labour, comes to about £600. The plug at the base has a hex key slot (about 1") so it looks like it could be removed but Toyota say not. Has anyone any thoughts as to what I could do here please?
  5. Thanks for that - very impressive!. However, I need to know more about how I wire a camera into the fixed screen in the landcruiser. Is there a harness, is there a connector block etc anywhere, where I can wire the camera into. The rav4 screen seems different.
  6. Hi, I've been looking for sometime to find out if there was a way of fitting a reversing camera to my LC5 2003 Landcruiser. Buying kits seems easy but I want to integrate it into my inbuilt touch screen. I have seen a thread from 2005 where 'Softloader' did seem to achieve this but I can't get a message back from him. Has anyone done this and if so what did you purchase etc?? Fitting one to the car would be great but my absolute ideal would be able to also fit a camera to the back of my caravan of which I often tow so again any advice would be gratefully received.
  7. Fantastic idea. I have tried to back up my original LC5 disk(2003) but the backup version will not play. What did you to backup the disk (software) and what type of blank media did you use??
  8. I have a 2003 LC5 and have been looking for some time how to do this with no avail. You can easily buy a kit with sep screen but I want to use the 7" screen that factory fitted.
  9. Challenged them on which pipes and waiting to be told. Took car to 2 air con specialists:- First told me there are 8 pipes in total and he could not see which was leaking/cracked but clearly I am loosing gas from somewhere. Second told me that he could not do anything with pipes as you need a Toyota specific tool and Toyota would not sell/lend out - sounds a bit odd.. Starting to feel like I will have to take it to dealers.
  10. Thanks for the advice - will let all know of outcome. Incidentally, anyone know where I can get a service manual for 2003 LC5 Landcrusier. Can't seem to see any appart from the MAx Ellery version for the Prado which apparently goes to 2006 - any links or downloads that anyone aware of?
  11. Hi all, I have a 53 LC5 and am having aircon issues. The compressor was replced by my dealer last year under waranty and just recently (waranty expired) the aircon stopped working again. I have just been told by the dealer that I have two pipes cracked an the cost of replacement is £500.00 (about 150 for labour). Apparently this is not connected to my original problem. Has anyone replaced these pipes themselves or if not know of any resonable garages in the Manchester area??
  12. Looking at the back of the touch screen unit there is a make of AINSI printed onto it. I have searched the web and can only deduce that this model is used in Toyota and Lexus. Does anyone recognise or have any detail on this?
  13. USI, Likewise, if I find anything I will let you know. Don't suppose you have done any work to upgrade your reversing sensors? My 53 model comes with 2 on the outside bumper and noticed that the newer models have 4 sensors - priced additional sensor from toyota and they are £100 which seems excessive??
  14. Thanks for the response Andy. Looks like all the trim is the same but the head unit is somewhat different and from memory has different plugs at the back of it - so still not sure if this camera is suitable. I'm ideally looking for someone who has purchased a camera and had it fitted to the LC5 touch screen, but looks like nothing out there that I can find. Cheers.
  15. Good point and I should have probably done this when I had it all stripped - but didn't!! Relluctant to strip it down again just for now (as it took some time) so don't have a pick.