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  1. Mine is Yvonne, partially because there aren't that many names beginning with Y, & because I kept hearing songs by Yvonne Elliman on the radio when I first got it.
  2. I've now sorted this out be replacing the belt as the old one was looking worse for wear.
  3. I'll get it checked out, the battery was new this summer but the alternator belt is a few years old.
  4. I have a 2001 1.3 Yaris & recently it's started to make a squeaking noise when the engine is cold & running at low revs. Once the engine is over about 2000 RPM it goes, & after the engine has warmed up it doesn't come back even when idling. A quick search on here comes up with other Toyotas (couldn't see it on the Yaris forum) having similar problems. On one of these threads someone suggested it was an alternator belt that needed adjusting or replacing.
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. I'll have to put some tape or something over the interior light switch to remind me to put it back to off or door. I can see how easy it is to leave it on, not turning off when the key is removed from the ignition & being on the roof it's out of site. I just hope this was the only thing at fault, I won't be using it for a few days, but will keep an eye on things. To give the battery a boost I went on a longish fastish drive after getting it going.
  6. I managed to get my battery exchanged by the shop as it was still in warranty, I installed the new one & it started first time! After a check around I found the interior light was switched one, but I'm sure I never touched this, so somehow I managed to knock this or else moved it while I was checking before. As mentioned before I'm surprised this ran the battery fully down in 4 days, it might have been on longer than this, but didn't run the battery down enough. I remember before the drive from Halifax the engine was a little rough starting, but didn't think much of it.
  7. I tried charging the battery but nothing seemed to be happening, at least with the charger I bought. Lucky for me when I took the battery back to the shop they said they would exchange it but didn't have another in stock, but would make sure they would keep one for me when they did. I'm going away for a few days & will sort things out when I'm back. As far as I know I haven't left anything switched on, & I'm hoping it's not a short circuit anywhere in the electrics. I didn't get a battery warning light at any time which would suggest there was one.
  8. After not using my 2001 Japanese built Yaris for a few days I was first surprised the remote control lock didn't work. Investigating further nothing at all was displayed on the dash when I turned the key, not even the battery light. This is all the more surprising because when I last used my car I drove it from Halifax to Stockport & it performed just fine. I assume I left something switched on, but couldn't see anything wrong, like a door not probably closed, which I did a few years ago. I'm hoping it's nothing bad like some sort of short circuit draining the battery. I went out & bought a charger for the battery & I'm hoping it will recharge, as I bought the battery just under a year ago.
  9. I have managed to reclip the bumper in the middle so it looks a lot better now, but it's still loose at the side. The fitting is a tab with a square hole which has sheared open. I can find the bolt it was attached to, but can't tighten it up so it holds the tab in place. Maybe I need a washer or 2 to try & support it.
  10. It looks like the clips need reattaching, but knowing how to do it without damaging the bumper more. The overall bumper is intact, just now with a deep scratch in it.
  11. After having a slow speed encounter with a sign the front bumper of my 2001 Yaris has come loose on one side. it looks like some clips have come loose on the passenger side, & I was wondering how easy it was to get it back in place without needing professional help. I don't have access to a Haynes manual at the moment, which would be a big help.
  12. Happy Birthday Richard Davies!

  13. Your Yaris sounds like mine, the 1st owner had a satnav added as an extra. I found the map was too out of date & got a Tom Tom to use instead of trying to find a new map CD ROM. If you have a standard sized slot for a radio it will be fairly easy to install a new one. You will need a harness adaptor but it's mostly a case of taking the dash apart, !Removed! the radio in behind the slot & swapping the leads over. I was lucky when I got my radio that Halfords had a free installation offer when buying radios, & the managed it in 30 minutes. The only downside was the original radio was isolated by swapping the leads, & that included the satnav, but I had my Tomtom by then so it wasn't a problem.
  14. I've taken mine from Stockport to Wells Next The Sea in Norfolk 161 miles according to Googlemaps. Aslo I drove a few times to Bedford, which is almost the same distance, depending on the route.