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  1. I miss my Mk1 Yaris with it's many storage areas in the facia & the moveable rear seats. The engine was still running sweetly when I sold it in 2016, but the rust was setting in & the rear shocks were going to cost as much as the car was worth to replace.
  2. Try only carrying what you need in the car, otherwise it's a dead weight.
  3. I recently bought an 18 plate & have more or less mastered it, especially as I hadn't driven an automatic before. I've found the CVT can be a bit slow to accelerate but it's fine once you get to the right speed. Compared to the pedal travel needed on my Nissan Micra, I found the brakes to be sharp, but I now know they only need a tap a slow speeds.
  4. My Yaris hybrid sometimes keeps reminding me of a speed limit after I've driven onto a road with a higher limit, 20 MPH seems to be the most common occurrence.
  5. I recently bought a Yaris hybrid the same age & it took me a few attempts to get the seat comfortable, but I needed to move the seat forward to make room for a passenger & found my right hip felt a but sore after driving for 30 minutes. I've moved it back slightly & it doesn't seem to cause a problem.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I know not to engage Park while moving, though the layout is designed to make it hard to select. My Mum tried driving an Automatic in the USA a few years ago, which went OK apart from the time her left foot went for a non existing clutch pedal, hit the brake & we did a dramatic emergency stop! Luckily nobody was behind us at the time.
  7. I remember my old Yaris had a sharpish clutch, compared to my Mum's Ford Fiesta and my Nissan Micra. I'm getting more used to driving it, I took it to my Mum's house today & found I only needed B going down a long steep hill as it takes off a lot of speed.
  8. Thanks I kept it in D for most of my journey home from the showroom, but haven't tried B yet. I know it only really needs using when driving downhill. The Nissan Micra I previously had a quite a gradual travel on the brake pedal, and I'm probably still used to this. I'll keep it in Normal to see how I get on.
  9. After 5 years away from from owning a Yaris I've bought a 2018 hybrid. This was because my Wife wanted to drive due to her work & has only driven an automatic before, as well as wanting to catch up technology wise. I'm still getting used to driving it after 26 years of driving manuals, but picking things as I go along. The brake pedal is quite sharp, but only needs to be applied to come to a complete stop, as lifting off the accelerator drops the speed quite quickly thanks to the regenerative braking. Acceleration seemed to be slow especially when motorway driving, but I had it in Eco mode a first, and turning it off seemed to help things out. Being an Excel it has the displays with lots of functionality, which I'm still learning all the features.
  10. Mine is Yvonne, partially because there aren't that many names beginning with Y, & because I kept hearing songs by Yvonne Elliman on the radio when I first got it.
  11. I've now sorted this out be replacing the belt as the old one was looking worse for wear.
  12. I'll get it checked out, the battery was new this summer but the alternator belt is a few years old.
  13. I have a 2001 1.3 Yaris & recently it's started to make a squeaking noise when the engine is cold & running at low revs. Once the engine is over about 2000 RPM it goes, & after the engine has warmed up it doesn't come back even when idling. A quick search on here comes up with other Toyotas (couldn't see it on the Yaris forum) having similar problems. On one of these threads someone suggested it was an alternator belt that needed adjusting or replacing.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback. I'll have to put some tape or something over the interior light switch to remind me to put it back to off or door. I can see how easy it is to leave it on, not turning off when the key is removed from the ignition & being on the roof it's out of site. I just hope this was the only thing at fault, I won't be using it for a few days, but will keep an eye on things. To give the battery a boost I went on a longish fastish drive after getting it going.
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