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  1. I have recently had water ingress too, hence my return to the forum... I have removed and am drying the floor mats and both sheets of underlay/soundproofing from front passenger football. I partially lifted carpet so as to look at bungs. They look ok without blasting with water but I am going to drive around for a few days with the heater on full, aimed down and windows cranked open, to help dry out the old girl! (02 mk1 CDX). I then plan to start my investigative work. I have already slid an electricians cable-pull tape down the sunroof drain tubes, filled by quite warm water, to help dissolve any potential blockage. The tape went quite some way down both front, left and right of the roof, (Forgot to look for rear end drains on the sunroof). Also, warm water might be easier to detect, as its.... Warm! So, now as it dries, I am planning on setting up my fog machine in order to fill the car with smoke, to see if it comes out in unusual places. This is the same system for "Fogging" The air conditioning so it will kill two birds with one brick round the back of the head! The fumes usually come out places such as non sealed door strips, vents, door handle apertures, etc where there are smallish escape routes. The trick is to fill the car with fumes, leave it ten/fifteen mins, then open the doors to let the fumes escape. This is done with the A?C on full and on recirculate, to clean and decontaminate the system. It is also anti-bacterial so helps eliminate bugs and odour. I will be keeping a close eye on any unusual fumes escaping where not expected. If I have any success, I will be sure to brag, oops, sorry, post it here for others to contemplate, if they are suffering the same problem. Oh, I forgot, I have yet to investigate the spare wheel compartment for sogginess. That'll be on the agenda too, just in case.
  2. You can get a replacement off eBay quite cheaply. I did and it was original. Got it cut at... Timpsons!
  3. I have no experience of these models as my Yaris is an auto but have you got a dual mass flywheel on this car? are the engine mounts secure/worn? Either of these can cause severe vibrations.
  4. Hi, I am returning to the Yaris forum after many years away for no real reason other then busy and "Forgot"! However, I have owned and driven the same Yaris now, since it was new back in 2002. (1.3 CDX auto) My daughter also drives it and I returned to the forum to look into leakage in the front passenger footwell but this made me wonder who still owns and drives the same car, from new, the longest? (Not in garage, off road, on sorn, etc). Regards, GAR.
  5. gar

    Brake Pads

    Padsd arrived on time, got a text from the dealer and colected them today... The tekkie assured me they were the correct fit so only time will tell. He also said that Totota had to lower many consumables as the likes of euro car parts and similar were decimating Toyota's after-sales business so it may well be worth getting a quote for the genuine stuff, proior to buying after-market spares for your car!
  6. gar

    Brake Pads

    Well, my front brake pads have finally worn out! Wouldn't pass the MOT as they need replacing. As the car is an 02 automatic, I consider that a fair wear and tear issue! I got a Quote from Mr.T and they said £23, plus change, including VAT, so I ordered them. As they worked from my reg number, I am hoping they have the correct information to suply the correct pads, first time round!At that price, I didnt even bother looking around for a better deal, either!Lets hope the tekkie got it right!
  7. gar

    Yaris Towing Thread

    Please also be aware that, after a certain date, it became law to pass an additional test if you wanted to tow anything above a certain weight AND you are legally restricted to a max of 60mph on national speed limited roads!
  8. If you are refering to the one in the wing... Surely they are switchable? Aslo, some can have bulbs changed, some are sealed! I got a set of smoked ones from ebay some years back as they looked nicer than the clear fried eggs Toyota supplied.
  9. BLIMEY! The point of the cleanable filter, apart from working better, is to avoid having to keep changing the little buggers! :P
  10. dont go for a m/cycle one as this will be an overkill and much to noisey.the one on ebay maybe a better choice and if thats also too loud you can wrap something around it to reduce the volume to suit. pity you cant get an adjustable volume ones. Reasonable point.... BUT if it is stashed away in the dash somewhere or in the engine compartment, the sound will soon be "Lost" among the engine, road and stereo noise! On the bike, they will be placed in such a manner as to be heard with the helmet on!
  11. gar

    Radio Fuse?

    Many radio systems have a fuse located on the back of the unit itself but also there will be a fuse to the stereo in the fusebox too. It protects (In the Yaris) other stuff too so has anything else gone off? In my Yaris, the first thing you notice is the interior light not working. Also, the clock among other things. Ther should be a fuse rated 15 amps, if I remember rightly to protect these things and they do blow quite easily if you try to connect/disconnect things clumsily, with the circuit live.
  12. When you say too high... I suppose you have used the seat hight adjuster first, to lower it? :!Removed!:
  13. Had a Kand N since the first service... Eight years old now and not had any worries or had to clean it. It has paid for its self, now too!
  14. Many motorcycle accessory shops should be able to supply you with a buzzer that you wire into the system, and get a loud beep or buzz as the indicator flashes. I guess these should be loud enough as on a bike, you would be wearing a helmet and have much more road noise to contend with.
  15. I am sure you must have ABS! I would change the sensor and see if that improves things. Is it a stop start car or mmt-thingamyjig? May be to do with that, if it is.
  16. gar

    Boot Light

    They only fitted 'em with the facelift models. It may be possible though to get one out of a scrapper or buy the light from Toyota and wire it up to the interior light in the roof!
  17. I was going to make a similar observation... To suggest doing it at night, on quieter roads would give an abnormally longer travelling value as you won't be stopping, starting, slowing speeding up like you would do normally. You might think you got a nice 40-odd miles before the eventual run-dry, with the spare fuel to get you out of jail but if you rely on that, then have no back up, on a busy section of road, you may come unstuck. The brown smelly stuff will hit the shiney spinning thing leaving you up the proverbial canal with no visible means of propulsion! :censor:
  18. Failing turbos usually have the big plume of smoke as you stop, after a bit of a drive, say at lights, etc. Cloud of stink billows out as you draw to a halt.
  19. Unless you have got the correct equipment, I would have got a used cd from a higher spec Yaris that would have just swapped around with your cassette player. That was only fitted to low spec cars as cassettes were die-ing out by then, as are cd's now!
  20. They are a little likely to wander in heavy winds due to hight over wheelbase, etc, the Verso even more so! It may be worse if tyres are low/worn, bushes/shocks worn, etc. If you saw a lever, perhaps it is a diesel primer for if you run out of fuel. Not sure if they are fitted to these models as I think its a slightly outmoded concept these days but common on older diesel vehicles. Same with the smoke... newer diesels can be less smokey but will need a good run now and again to clear out the sh-tuff that clogs the engine up. Warm it up and give it some welly on the motorways again for a few drives, as long as all fluids are checked first and you are sure the car is up to it. Perhaps leave it a gear LOWER than usual to increase the revs and get it working. I once worked in Jersey and a dealer thier was saying about all; the locals travelling only small distances so most cars mileages were very low. He said he would rather have a higher mileage UK car as the engines out there were usually bunged up and needed a good hard drive!
  21. gar

    New 2011 Yaris

    I always prefered the original Yaris over later incantations... even over the facelift Mk1. That made slight improvements with the teardrop foglights but I disliked the "squaring up" of the function buttons, the vents and almost all the other mods. Then came the larger(?) small car. They only made it bigger, to make an even smaller car (Aygo) And I took an instant VISUAL dislike to it! It Is usual for a manufacturer to make newer models look newer and more modern... Fiesta's did that for years, as did the Golf. The Yaris went from a cute cuddly funmobile to a corperate cop out-mobile in one swoop! From that day to this, I still do not like the newer model although it may well be the "Better" car. If the new one looks like this, I think they have shot themselves in the foot! It STINKS!!! I had a new Fabia last december as I wanted a Toyota but started to dislike the look of them. The Skud had looks and features I could live with, and all the stuff I needed for my work so suited me down to the ground. The original Yaris, which I still own, was small but not to small, had all the bits I wanted and looked right, and suited me down to the ground at the time, hence the reason I still have it. Funnily, I was not really a fan of the OLD Fabia, NOR the Roomster although i liked the Superb when it came out and thought it a great car, if you could pay that much and live with the badge. Digressing, It would take quite a lot now, to get me back behind the wheel of a new Toyota... They even spoiled the Rav 4, for crying out loud! Having said that, almost every car manufacturer today has a corporate look to their entire range. When the Yaris first came out, it was just the badge that looked the same on each makers car!!!
  22. Agree about the fuel light totally... You can go another 30 miles once it starts flashing so WHEN THE **LL :censor: ARE YOU GOING TO FILL UP? :P I know its running off subject a little, but how about people who use thier hazzard warning lights to pull up, particularly when wanting to stop somewhere illegally or reverse parking? For crying out loud... Signal left, pull up alongside the car you are going to park behind, pop into reverse gear, signal off (You now have a reversing light... Thats what it is for)! Then pull in if there is a safe gap in the traffic!!! And out came another handfull of my own hair! :ffs:
  23. There was also a test in either MCN, or RiDE magazine... Have a double check, be twice as sure to get the best bulbs for your bob's!