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  1. Colour is a matter of taste. I selected Quick Silver (this is what they call thunder grey here in Finland) because it's a unique colour to T Sport models (at least in Finland) and it looks very good. You can't have it in any other "standard" model, only T Sport. Black, red and other colours are common to all models.
  2. TTE sports silencer for T Sport is not centre exit (or is there one available), here's how it looks like installed. Yes, it's big...2 x 90 mm round tailpipes. http://koti.phnet.fi/peikonen/tsport/pictu...ge/dsc03034.jpg http://koti.phnet.fi/peikonen/tsport/pictu...ge/dsc03042.jpg http://koti.phnet.fi/peikonen/tsport/pictu...ge/dsc03036.jpg It's not too noisy, but definetly has a deeper exhaust note compared to standard T Sport silencer.
  3. I had my Corolla T Sport lights fixed today. Toyota replaced my car's onboard computer under warranty. This modification should fix the "spooky light" problem? Re http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/show.ph...t/ST/f/40/t/848
  4. > so any idea about the price? --- My guess is 6-7kEUR installed...? > I am also finding that my corolla is loosing its punch it feels slow ive only done 10000 and did a careful first 2000 miles ... anyone elso find this ? --- I've done 21000 kms and haven't noticed anything, on the contrary I feel my car's performance is improving every day...
  5. At least somebody at TRD is developing supercharger for Toyota 1.8 liter engine, pitty it's for 1ZZFE engine. http://www.betabox.com/trd2/trdsupercharger/1.8.asp
  6. Not really --- but my initial perception was that kick at 6k was smoother or less noticeable. Don't know, it just feels like it. Second, I felt the the booming noise at 4k / highway speeds was again less noticeable. The intake sound may have a "deeper tone" in my opinion, but again...this is just how i feel it. Maybe someone else have an opinion?
  7. I don't know who is the cheapest, but I paid 109,50 EUR for the my filter including Recharger Filter Care Service Kit. I bought mine from http://www.moposport.fi/ (they seems to stock T Sport filter...). Br Petri
  8. Samppa, I was on a holiday in Turku and had some spare time...so I went to "Autosähkö ja dieselhuolto Häkkinen Oy" in Turku. Dyno test cost me 60 EUR. Terveisin, Petri
  9. Hi all, Had my Corolla T sport tested on a dyno this week. All dyno tests were run on 5th gear. 1) Original Toyota air filter Engine power: 138,1 kW @ 7680 1/min Power at wheels: 121,5 kW @ 7680 1/min Max. torque: 183 Nm @ 6760 1/min 2) with K&N filter panel (K&N part no. 33-2252) Engine power: 142,3 kW @ 7950 1/min Power at wheels: 122,2 kW @ 7950 1/min Max. torque: 187 Nm @ 6850 1/min Summary: Basically results confirm what has been posted here earlier...with K&N filter installed and at lower engine speeds <4000 rpm engine power and torque are slightly less compared to original filter. But from 4500+ rpm I was able to get 4,2 kW / 4 Nm gain in engine power / torque. Will post the dyno print outs if I can find a scanner somewhere.... Right, what next...? br Petri
  10. Hi guys, Do you remember Corolla T Sport spooky light problem? Well, I have been waiting...waiting...waiting a response from Toyota. I almost gave up. While on a holiday in Budapest (nice city...) I got a call from my dealer this week , and guess what...they claim to have a fix available, in stock and ready to be installed. Yep, tomorrow I will visit the dealer and have it installed. Check your dealers for a fix. Br Petri
  11. My T Sport was one of the recall cars for rear axle bolts. Yep, premature burn-out of H7 lamps is a problem. Done it twice within 20000 kms. It's also extremely hard to change the lamps, the space around the engine compartment is so small...
  12. I thought eurocruising will be on 13.6? I have my company summer party on that day, can't attend...maybe in July? Br Petri
  13. I met Kurtsi today and he was kind enough to give me a ride in his T Sport. Wheels look awesome and the ride was surprisingly solid and comfortable for 18"/35-profile setup. You don't buy 18" wheels for ride comfort (more aggressive/sporty looks...yes), but I can't say that lack of "comfort" factor is a significant issue. I'm actually amazed that it didn't dramatically alter the ride comfort and how it came surprisingly close to the stock T Sport's ride comfort (with lowered suspension). Handling under hard cornering will be different, but we didn't have opprtunity to test it B)
  14. Who needs ICE when you drop a gear and listen the engine roar to life. These guys obviously were not happy with original ICE... http://www.gtstudio.ee/est/projectgallery/...rollatsport.htm
  15. Count me in, I've been contacted by another four Corolla T Sport owners so far and I don't recognize them being here (plus yourself...). Maybe we can spread the message also elsewhere (dynamiitti.com, suomi24.fi, Fintoys...). Any ideas...?
  16. Welcome, glad to see people finding this forum. Considering only 60-something Corolla T sports were registered in Finland last year, I think the participation level of Finns is adequate....only Panama goes ahead with all owners being online at the same time ;)
  17. Nice indeed, lowering makes a difference. I like the wheels on your Corolla, simple and yet elegant. Are you planning for more mods perhaps...?
  18. Hi Imek, Sorry I almost missed your post and question :( My springs are from H&R, as far as I know they were the first one to supply lowering springs to new Corolla. I simply didn't want to wait until TTE springs will be available, but I presume that there's no difference in quality or ride comfort. My perception is that TTE springs are actually OEM from H&R or Eibach but I really don't know. Someone else may argue this statement...maybe in another topic :) The car itself is still under warranty, and I've had a number of fixes made under warranty since the installation (and my dealer knows springs are non-TTE stuff), and I assume that springs (or any consequent damages) will not be covered by original Toyota warranty. BUT on the other hand I do have on black and white (from Toyota Motor Corp in Finland) that installation of TTE parts will void the warranty of my Corolla e.g. TTE exhaust is not covered by original warranty. Yes, the TTE parts (such as springs) and labour are indeed warranted but...what happens if TTE springs damage the dampers or other suspensions parts...Right, this information may be a bit confusing and in practice I haven't had any problems at all with warranty issues. So, really I don't worry about it at all. And no, I don't feel loosing any comfort at all. Even on Finnish roads, lowering was OK. I still use 16 inch wheels, albeit lower tyre profile. Ride is still very comfortable.
  19. I believe Jake is still waiting for the delivery of his TTE quick shift kit. I've had one for some four months now and I simply love it. It's difficult to describe how it "improves the feeling of the gearbox", as this may be of personal taste. How does it feel...well travel is short, quick and precise. I always felt that original T Sport gear shift mechanism somewhat sticky. The biggest difference is the shift precision, the shift pattern is simply "tight and firm". Almost "impossibe" to miss a gear. Personally I feel that you have to pull and push the gear lever a bit harder than before, but you simply engage gears faster than before. You can fit TTE lowering spring and use original 16" T Sport wheels, and you hardly loose any comfort by installing TTE springs. I think everyone on this club with TTE springs (or other brands like myself ) installed agree that you barely notice a difference in comfort but see big improvement in handling and looks :P . Cheers, Petri
  20. Thank you, I have placed an order for similar one. Happy driving. Br Petri
  21. Hi Imek, Can you please post K&N part no. for T Sport filter replacement. Thanks, Petri
  22. Sorry this is in Finnish only --- Tervehdys Kurtsi, minua kiinnostaa nähdä nuo 18 tuuman vanteet Corollan alla kunhan kevät koittaa. Omistan itse T Sportin, autosta löytyy mm. H&R madallussarja, TTE:n takaboxi ja vaihteenvälin lyhennin. Harkitsen isompi vanteita. Mailaa minulle petri_ikonen@hotmail.com.
  23. Sorry to hear about your accident. You're most likely referring to TTE full suspension kit (consisting of springs and dampers), please take a look at http://www.tte-saj.com/pdf/COROL_2.PDF. I don't know if somebody has had this kit installed, but it doesn't come as a surprise if not namely it's quoted at 1800 EUR (in Finland) vs. lowering springs at 335 EUR. So it's pretty hefty investment. I believe most T Sport owners have opted for TTE lowering springs with original dampers. This should be standard on any T Sport, as they improve looks and handling. The car is more solid and firm, without being too hard and harsh. You could also consider 17" wheels/tyre setup for more responsive behavior and better tire-road contact...
  24. I second spwolf comments. Mapping your own fuel/timing curve is possible, but is it really sensible...? I also have some doubts that a single chip conversion would add 38 extra horses on a normally-aspirated fuel-injected engine. Generally speaking most aftermarket chips claim (a massive) 8-10 hp power increase. Talking about the 2ZZ-GE engine, is anyone aware of any problems? I spotted the following from http://www.toysport.com/. "The 2ZZGE has problems. Bent valves from missed shifts have been common. Sticking valve mechanism also cause unscheduled visits to the Toyota Dealers."
  25. My Corolla T Sport was modified last week under warranty but I must say I can't hear a difference...:(
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