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  1. Happy Birthday StockCamry96!

  2. meaning i won't get the intense brightness or they would be some wierd color?
  3. Florida Auto Trim here you go bud! comes in complete kits. you can also get carbon fiber!
  4. LOL! yeah i bet you are GG man! i almost feel like moving to Japan!
  5. that explains the 90 grand for a Nissan Skyline GTR :( well i guess that answered my question! thanks guys, ya'll have been great!
  6. hey peeps, i'm looking to get some HIDs for my 96 camry but i was wondering! my light housing has the two bulbs, lo's 9006 and hi's 9005. if i get the 9006 kit does that mean i completly lose my hi beams or is there a kit that has both 9005 and 9006's in the package? thank you!
  7. are you useing aftermarket break pads?
  8. what would the camry be? what's it's Jap/Euro name?
  9. you mean i shouldn't have a problem right? in that case that's sweet! but wouldn't i also need to get a tranny swap as well!
  10. ok i know this thread is for 4x4 but the engine swap, say a Camry swap?
  11. :D how is that converted to us currency and do the discounts apply here in the states? also are there any places here in the states the are providing that discount. trying to cut back on shipping charges
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