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  1. I had the clutch done recently. Mardel motors in Bathgate £300, done a good job too.
  2. Yeh great fun, tried to drive up a hill that hadnt been gritted, got stuck half way up facing side ways, then had to trundle back down at 1mph or less, sliding all over the :censor: ing place, only to watch a :censor: ing nova drive straight up.
  3. Harold56

    Frozen Brakes

    Over the past few weeks Ive resorted to parking in gear cos the handbrake cable was freezing on. No matter how much rocking back or foward, it just wouldnt loosen up.
  4. I would think you have a case. This is the naming system for the MKII MR2 Model BHP Years available How to tell them apart Coupe 119bhp 1990-1992 No rear spoiler, 14" wheels GT Coupe 158bhp 1990-1994 Rear spoiler, sunroof, 14" wheels, square rear light cluster GT T-Bar 158bhp 1990-1994 Rear spoiler, removable roof panels, 14"wheels, square rear light cluster GT Coupe 175bhp 1994-1998 Rear spoiler, sunroof, 15" wheels, round rear light cluster GT T-Bar 175bhp 1994-1998 Rear spoiler, removable roof panels, 15" wheels, round rear light cluster 10th Aniv 175bhp 1995 Wooden steering wheel, chrome kick plates, different wheels, 10th aniv badge GT Coupe 175bhp 1998-2000 Round spoke 15" wheels, large adjustable rear spoiler, clear front light cluster http://www.imoc.co.uk/technical/buyersguid...BuyersGuide.htm
  5. Just looking out the window whilst making a coffee, and was looking at my car, I just stood there thinking thats a damned nice motor. Its had no mods other than 15" alloys but MR2's are just so damned sweet. Just made me feel good.
  6. I said the vast majority, not all. That should get me outa trouble, me hopes
  7. I know in these times we shouldnt say such things, but Jims so right, the vast majority of females cant even park a feking Panda let alone a 4x4. They should have seperate car parks for men and women.
  8. Harold56

    Wtf ?

    Looks VERY photochopped
  9. Nearly had this a couple of times on a low tank. Just the negative pressure
  10. Doh, errrrmm thats what I meant - really Hi Jim, had a look at fensport already, so have an idea of the kit price, but I'm wondering what I'll be charged for the fitting the clutch.
  11. Recently when accelerating a little hard the clutch has been slipping, but the weird thing is it doesnt happen all the time. For three of four days it runs fine, I can accelerate as hard as I want and it pulls fine, then without warning I hit the accelerater and its slipping again. I was wondering might this be a problem with the clutch cable or am I in for a new clutch. Anyone know what it should cost for a new clutch(fitted) on a rev1 mk11 ?
  12. Rev2 Mk2 MR2 : PCD = 114.3 Offset = 38 Centre bore = 60 5 stud
  13. I fancy a set of rev3 or rev6 rear lights or I might try and get a clear set. Skint right now so it'll have to wait.
  14. This one looked just like yours but was very shiny. Cant ge to many G plate Red GT turbo T-bars driving around the area, looks like youve got competition.
  15. Hi m8, was that you I saw driving around Bathgate today. If it was thats one clean looking car, sun shinning t-bar off (git).
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