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  1. So we started off with a MK2 having an issue, thread got necro’d 8 years later by a MK3 owner and now a MK4 owner has latched onto it? I suppose it’s not worth pointing out that it’s not the same platform/engine/gearbox? I always find 1st gear is short in the MK4 vs the MK2 and I really wasn’t keen on the MK3 at all, but nobody in the family likes the MK3 and that has nothing to do with needing to resurrect it next week.
  2. Apologies for the delay in replying. Zero issues until I took the MK2 off the road in April 2021 @ 132k but I did make the switch back to Costco fuel. I do need to do the SCV’s on it before it goes back on the road, and a few other little jobs, but I also have a MK4 which is currently in use.
  3. Avalon


    Just to state the obvious that hasn’t been mentioned: Haynes.
  4. Have you reinstalled them in the correct order they were taken out in? It’s an obvious question as the injector compensation values would need inputting if you got them the ring way round.
  5. Aerotwins on every RAV in the family (4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5), zero issues.
  6. Used car prices have gone up significantly, even WBAC are offering thousands more than pre COVID cars cost despite being 18 months older at this point.
  7. Have a look on eBay, it’ll set you back £30-35 and take 30 or so minutes for current maps/software. I don’t ask how the activation codes are generated, but they work.
  8. Many manufacturers are suffering from the silicon drought at present, for some brands 6 months is realistic, Toyota re-worked it’s supply chain after events a few years ago and has been affected to a lesser extent. 6 Months seems pessimistic, but possible.
  9. Even the reviews on the page you linked to clearly state it’s not great in the wet, dry and suffers from understeer amongst other things, now they’re £160 each which is £30 more a corner than either the CrossClimate or Vector 4Season Gen2’s that are the Goodyear equivalent both outperform the Nokian’s in every test I have seen.
  10. Probably would have been better to start a new thread, it’s been two years since this one died. It could be a lot worse, they used to fit Bridgestone Duelers, they are OK in the dry, but useless in the wet even from new.
  11. Avalon

    Maps update

    Your car is listed as 2012 in your profile, I would suggest you have a look at eBay and spend £30ish if you want the latest maps/software, but realistically I wouldn’t bother, the maps will be significantly out of date compared to Waze/Google Mals/Apple Maps/TomTom etc. most of which are free on your phone.
  12. I’ve yet to see a bad EGR on any of the diesel RAV’s I’ve done/own, the 05 had a very fine dusting as did the 14, installs are usually going to be worse from having done them on other diesels - the only way to escape the black gunk from a 180K Altea XL was to move house 😄
  13. I would be carefully going through the online MOT history - it’s unusual to find a car that has averaged under 3K/yr for 18 years. Check the tyre ages, in theory it could still be on the factory set, has it been serviced correctly based on time? If it’s only done really short journeys, it may not have got up to proper operating temperature etc. - check for mayo-like buildup on the oil cap.
  14. You can turn the alarm off on the 4.4 - I did it to prevent my dog from being fat shamed - I presume with Techstream or Carista you can do the same on the 4.5.
  15. ... are you missing any golf balls? Perhaps if you gave us some relevant details to try and narrow it down a little, does it happen when at idle? Does it get faster inline with rpm? Does it only happen when moving? Is it louder inside the car or outside? Can you affect it in any way, eg turning, reversing etc. In all honesty playing guess the noise via written word over the internet is fun and everything, but if you have a journey planned and can't be more specific, this may be best dealt with in person via garage.
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