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  1. Evening all , apologies if this has been posted before... I am looking at a Auris prev gen facelift model TR 1.33 (2011). is there any commons faults? anything to look out for when giving it the 'once over' ? many thanks!!
  2. Oh right. Thank you very much. Hopefully save a few quid if I can order those bits separately. :)
  3. Thanks all. I fold my mirrors in from now on!!!
  4. hi everyone I have a yaris 2012 yaris SR some delightful person hit my drivers side wing mirror when I was at work took the cover clean off and cracked the indicator glass and part of that is missing as well (still works thankfully) I found the cover and have managed to clip it back on (what was left off it ) I asked Toyota for a quote on a new one, I was expecting a high price but they came bac with £377 frp a new painted one .... will the car pass a MOT with a part of the indicator glass missingwhere can I get a new wingmirror cheaper than £377 ???many thanks :)
  5. thanks all! got to agree. its a fun car in the corners (more fun than my lowered corolla tsport) but i have also noticed the fogged up headlights! will let mr T know about that. cheers rob
  6. hi guys anyone got a new shape Yaris SR? ive had one 6 months now and really like it but never see any on the road!!! If anyone else has boght one how are you finding it, im getting 50MPg on a good run which is better than my old corolla tsport but still fun to drive!?? Cheers!!!
  7. just wondered if anyone here bought my t sport after i px it??? reg plate was et04 aak hope it went to gd home lol :-)
  8. Hi guys i just got a new shape yaris sr. Very pleased with it and glad i paid the extra for the sr. Looks great. I havnt see many around yet. Does anyone else have one and having any teething problems ? The boot doesnt seem to close unless u slam it and 2nd gear is notchy at times many thanks!!
  9. lol i now found out that it is actually called "front axle hub" still none the wiser with costs though! any ideas... ??
  10. hello guys i have got a 2004 t sport and its done 107k miles i have had to reaplce my front 2 wheel bearings which is fine due tot he mielage but ive also had to replace the passenger "flange" (not being rude haha) any ideas how much a flange will set me back???? cheer guys rob
  11. Alrite peps i am due a 100,000k service soon and wanted to know if any1 has had this done and if any surprises were instore for them or stuff that needs checking/replacing at this mileage point???? and is gonna cost a lot more than the usuall service? its for a tsport Thanks guys
  12. Hi guys i saw somewhere that you shoiuld re oil your induction kit cone filter every once in a while. I have never heard of that before, does anyelse bother? If so where can i get the stuff from?
  13. ive been thinking the same thing... those standard rims look hidden under the car...i dont actually know if any1 sells spacers foer the t-sport?
  14. it was a great day, highly reccommeded. But where was the fensport stand?? totally missed out there : (
  15. a quick cheap fix that some people i know do when they are on the drag strip is to just pop on bonnet from the driving seat but leaving it safe and still on the latch. This leaves a couple of inches gap round the bonnet where lots of clean air can rush in.
  16. nice 1 cheers, looks better 2! : ) thoose clips holding the foam in were lil buggers to get off though...
  17. Hi guys, I have taken the foam part that it attached to the roof of the bonnet to my CTS (was hoping for louder noise when in VVLTI) is this foam purely to cut out engine noise or for heat soak from the engine to protect the paint on the bonnet? i took it for a quick spin and seems louder : ) cheers pic:
  18. Anyone seen an alfa 147? i think the numberplate offset on the front bumber is different and looks pretty kool... What do you think , would it look gd on the tsport (tsport bumber) ?? ?? ??
  19. just had the ***** ache of changing the front bulbs. Decided to go for the HaLfords "Super Brilliance" ones which are a few quid more than the standard ones. They seem to be abit brighter than the standard ones and hopefully they will last bit longer....
  20. overall solid reliable cars! watch out earlier examples the stero unit seems to come out of the dash slightly (not big problem). had a bit of uneven wear on my brake pads, so get some decent speed up and see if it pulls to one side. take it on the motorway see if you can live with the engine at 4k rpm at 80mph (not really a fault) apart from that be prepared to wipe smiles of unsuspecting faces thinking you drive a standard corolla!
  21. hi guys, any1 got this kit? looks gd! http://www.dcdezign.com/cheap/425253/toyot.../1130-3103.html cheers
  22. so whats the update? is your car still alive lol?
  23. http://www.camskill.co.uk/products.php?plid=m4b0s298p0 check it out guys? any one bought lower profile tyres for the standard rim?? are they worth the extra 10 each??? cheers rob
  24. looks gr8! gd job... how does it drive anyway>??
  25. Get back to u lot wen its Done and Hopefully if its a success more ppl from the forum will get it done by him and we will b able to beat Type R's (On the Track obviously) LOL thats sounds kool if its possible! i think you can remap the type r engine to rev even higher to like 8.5 or 9k rpm so if that can be done in the cts aswell im in!
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