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  1. hi, im thinkin of buyin a 02 corolla van (d4d) and want to know whats the difference between the 90bhp and the 110hp, is there any difference in the badging like on vw tdis. How good are they on diesel . Thanks.
  2. Will they ever come back to wrc?. They must be feeling that they are`nt getting anywhere in f1, and they wont with the drivers they have. Just seems a pity that they are putting so much effort into f1 and not getting anywhere really. Would be nice to see them back in rallying.
  3. Hi, As my corolla does`nt have a rev counter i was wodering would it be a hard job to wire up a newer dash that had the rev counter in it? Thanks!!
  4. there is no drop in the oil and water levels and the car is running fine
  5. hi, i bought my carina e cd about three months ago. it has a toyota secuirity system fitted. the thing is that i can unlock my car with the fob but can`t lock it and engage the alarm. the fob has has two black buttons one unlock and one to lock. any ideas on how to get it to work???
  6. hi, on my old 1993 toyota corolla 1.3xli there is sometimes white gunge under the oil cap. I know that this means that water has mixed with the oil. The car has been parked up for about three months and has never over heated or lost water. Could it only be condensation? Any ideas? Thanks!!!!
  7. Hi everyone!!! does anyone know where i could get font fogs for my 96 carina e 1.8 cd H/b. Does any internet site sell them? thanks!!!
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