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  1. Hi , been a while since I've been here, cars been running quite well for a good amount of time but time for a question, My car is a 2004 2ltr petrol with just short of 100 thousand miles and now car keeps jumping out of 5th gear, can keep it in gear if I hold gear stick in but as soon as pressure is realised just jumps out into neutral. So is there anything on this site to help me with instructions for replacing 5th gear, been told it's an easy job but would love to get some advice before I end up with a bag of bits. Parts from Toyota are only £168 but some of the prices I've been quoted from garages have gone as far as £700 to do job. Any help would be appreciated, got most tools I need but do not want to be sat there , no car and find I need a special tool that takes a fortnight to arrive.
  2. If you had asked me this question 10 years ago I would have said your car could be good for 200000 miles but now it's anybody's guess. I had a 1994 Carina E CDX with 150000 miles on the clock when I sold it and the only thing I had done was a service every year, 2 front wheel bearings and a battery, the person I sold it to put another 40000 miles on it before he ran it into a ditch a couple of years ago in the snow. Sorry but these later Avensis are crap
  3. Sorry but you are asking people to become fortune tellers, how long is a piece of string, what if? these are questions that are in the field of what might be. The clutch may last another 10 years then again it may go tomorrow, the head gasket may last till the end of the week, then again it may last another 100000 miles. You gave a list of faults you already know about and if some one is prepared to give you £3500 knowing about the faults grab the deal.
  4. Just be careful you may find it will not pass an MOT test, I believe that cars fitted with these lights need headlight washer to be legal. Plus you will need to inform your insurance company about the modification or you may find your insurance is null and void.
  5. I think the question is how much are you prepared to spend to keep it alive. New A/C from Mr Toyota is best part of a £1000 plus labour, unless it's come down in last few years, suspension sorted about £500. You need a competent tuning shop to sort the flat spot out, rolling road and maybe a new remap cost about another £500, unless the injectors are damaged then it's another £200 on top to have them repaired. Far better to trade it in for a BMW 530 D
  6. Why is it that saving a few pounds seems to be a good deal when the only thing that connects you with the road is your tyre, last year I had my alloys refurbished and the company lent me a set of rims and tyres. The worst 5 days I have had while driving a car, in the dry not good but in the rain the car was nearly undrivable, they were branded Tiger and I do believe the only legal way to commit suicide. Save a trip to the repair shop or grave yard and fit at least half decent tyres that will stop you when you need them to, I drive on Goodyear Asymmetrical 2 and they give you confidence in your ability to stop. Remember that small hand print sized area is the only thing between you and an accident.
  7. darkt

    Avensis Tuning?

    If you are serious about tuning your car have a chat with theses people , Noble Motor sport of Chesterfield . Sorry can't seem to post a link to site for some reason, I can vouch for them a very good firm who are only too willing to help and will not talk you into doing any thing that will cost you money for no return. I got another 25bhp out of my 2LT Avensis TSpirit but the cost was over £500 and to get more you are talking about another £2500 on top of that for nothing more than another another 20bhp. To get the full amount of power that can be coaxed out of these engines while still having a usable and reliable engine you need a turbo fitted, the cost is roughly £5000 then the suspension needs upgrading then a different and better exhaust system then uprated brakes, not cheap. Then you have to tell the insurance company, it's cheaper to sell your car and buy a BMW 530D.
  8. darkt

    Brake Failure

    I didn't mean to sound dismissive about pumping brakes to increase brake pressure and yes it can help if you have soggy brakes and you already know about them, but only if you already know there's something not quite right with your brakes.
  9. darkt

    Brake Failure

    gazza it was fairly common on a lot of cars 20 years ago but with most modern cars the brake pipes are protected with a plastic coating plus anti rust protection but with this failure the wheel arch lining had rubbed through the coating, it may have taken nearly 10 years but it has rubbed through. The rest of the pipe is completely untouched and free from any rust and as for pumping the brake peddle all I did was empty the master cylinder all over the road resulting in just having braking on 2 wheels and just think about it, I was coming up to traffic lights that had just changed to amber with about 50 yards to travel try pumping brakes then. This posting was all about the positioning of the brake pipe in relation to the wheel arch lining, I was lucky when the pipe split that nothing was in front of me, I should hate the same thing to happen to some one else.
  10. Welcome to the world of rip off Toyota, I have the same car and same age as you and in the first 3 years of it's life had 6 oxygen sensors fitted under warranty, still get engine warning light coming on to tell me sensors have failed but now ignore it. After about 4 days the light goes out and remains out for about 2-3 months then comes back on for another 4 days. I have found out that giving the engine a dose of some thing like red x helps. One further thing I noticed was that when under warranty the fault was diagnosed in under 30 minutes but out of warranty it took 3 hours for the same thing. Strange that it took longer when I paid for it.
  11. darkt

    Brake Failure

    Hi, just thought I would bring this up on the forum, I've just had the brakes fail on my Avensis. Not very pleasant thing to experience and some thing I thought didn't happen with today's cars. I know the car is nearly 10 years old but brake pipe corrosion is some thing I thought you didn't have to bother about these days. The pipe that's corroded is the one that runs from the front to the back brakes and at the back does a u-turn and joins the flexible hose to the rear brakes, it's on the u-turn were it's corroded and went with a good 1/2 inch split. Seems that at that point on the bend it nearly touches the wheel arch liner and to look at it when the car is stationary there does appear to be a slight gap but when the car is moving it must have been catching and that is what has rubbed off any protective covering on the pipe. So today pipe splits foot goes to the floor and only half the braking I was expecting, luckily nothing in front off me so got away with it. Had a look at pipe on other side and that is nearly as bad, at first glance every thing appears OK it's only after you wash all the grime of that you can see the problem. I may just be one of those unlucky people this has happened to but maybe it's an idea to check your brake pipes in the same area. My wife runs a 20 year old Pajero and I've only just replaced the brake pipes on that car because I thought that after 20 years it's about time and they were still not bad.
  12. I use Black Diamond drilled and grooved Discs and Predator pads, had them for several years and up to now been brilliant. No fade even under prolonged and heavy braking, regularly do a journey between Sheffield and Manchester over snake and the brakes give you plenty of confidence. Just had the car tested and brake performance was 98%, not bad for an old car.
  13. denshaw, that explains build quality these past few years
  14. They have to be split, if they are not then you can't get them on to the anti roll bar, and to get the drop links off you may have to destroy the drop links and replace them.
  15. Hi, hope this works , http://tinyurl.com/ka29hfr other wise the parts you want are on ebay at £7.90 to £9.99 plus £1.99 postage and they do fit I can assure you of that. Just go onto Ebay and type in "TOYOTA AVENSIS REAR ANTI ROLL BAR D BUSH X2 2003 - 2007"