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  1. Front windscreen washer not working Checked the fuse but its ok and its common to the front wipers which are ok so it rules that out Rear washer is working and I can hear the pump running for the rear windows Not a sound out of the pump for the front when I pull the lever Obvoiusly it has 2 pumps connected to the same washer bottle so I'm guessing the pump has failed Has anyone replaced one of these and what is the easiest way to access to the pump? I'm thinking the front right wheel has to come off and the wheel arch liner and I could be in there? Thanks p.s Car is a '05 Verso 2.0D4D
  2. anyone what the difference is between the Spider units and the standard units apart from the price?
  3. I put toyo t1-R's on ours...great tyre
  4. thanks for the heads up and glad your child is now ok.... I never really thought about it as we rarely use the centre seat but I can see where it might be dangerous
  5. Ben, what kind of material is the original one made from?
  6. for something like a boot liner, I think you would be better off getting a spurious rubber one that is on the big side and cut it to shape. That's what we have and its left a little long on the distance between the boot door and back seats and the overlap rests up against the back seats. Then if I am using the boot as a seat, I can pull the excess down over the rear bumper to protect it. You should be able to get one a good bit cheaper than an original. After all, its only a bit of rubber
  7. My wifes car just went in for its 2nd service @ 28,000km (17,500miles) The tyres were almost down to the wire, so I bought in advance, 4 x Toyo T1-R's from and the dealer fitted them for a nominal charge and took away the used tyres However, they called in the middle of the service to say the front brake pads needed changing and they were only going to last another few weeks. Speaking to someone else who has just switched to Toyota, they also said that their wheels are always covered in brake dust and its supposed to be well known that Toyota pads are very soft and have a short life span. Something I never knew but need to keep an eye on Does the Verso have a brake pad warning light? If our pads were a few weeks from the end, I would have expected a light to come on for them, but didn't see one
  8. sounds like the tracking or alignment is off, but first things first, check that all tyre pressures are correct. If they are, get it to a reputable garage that can do wheel alignemnt. if they find something wrong, then get a printout stating that with the receipt for the cost. Then take it back to your dealer and if its under warranty, then get them to foot the bill. Might be an idea to run what you are going to do by them first, so they are happy with that. It could get them to wake up and pay a bit more attention
  9. I must ask someone I know who is the Spare Parts manager over here in Toyota Ireland about thjs fascia adaptor. Its something they really should have sorted for the Verso. If the OE unit is replaced, how does that affect the steering controls? joncot, not sure if I like the look of that one you have there....head unit looks lost in the dash, but probably the best thing that can be done
  10. have since done long journeys on motorway and have just about gotten 1000km from a tank...
  11. slight lack of communication between myself & the wife.. :ffs: ..driver door window does work with lock-out button pressed, but she is wanting the front passenger window also to work as if I'm driving and I have the lockout button pressed she is constantly asking me to take the lock off
  12. wonder is it on the Irish cars then? must consult the manual and see if its a problem
  13. there are a few electrical setups on the Verso that annoy me.....the power adaptor not having power with the key removed being one. However, the fact that when you press the electric window lock out switch, that it stops operation on all 4 windows, when it should really leave control to the drivers window. As soon as I drop the window and the kids in the back see it, they are pressing their window buttons up & down. One day I'm gonna take off that cover where the driver buttons are and see if I can bypass this...anyone done it themselves?
  14. Mine is used as a 5 seater for five days of the week and becomes a 6 seater at the weekends when I have the family loaded up. I have a 5 month old daughter, so with all her stuff, the wife and three other kids to fit in things can become a bit tight. :!Removed!: I have another ankle biter on the way so I will be looking at getting the wife a Previa type car as we will need a bit of boot space as well as the seating capability. Wayne what are you thinking about getting since the Previa is not available anymore? I have heard from a source in Toyota that they are bringing out a LWB Verso in the next year or so and a hybrid MPV
  15. The diesel tank as far as I know is only 53 litres I could safely say that on a full tank and just motorway driving about 65mph average I could get about 630-650 miles to the full tank