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  1. Some earlier 4.3 diesel models had engine problems (high oil consumption) and Toyota offered an extended warranty on cars up to 7 years old. I do not know exactly when the problems started and ended, but they have been discussed at length on this forum so if you do a search you will find heaps of information.
  2. I bought one much like yours, Paul, a couple of months ago. Aren't they wonderful cars? I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. Didn't know that I should blank off the EGR - must look into that. But it runs beautifully even with its EGR un-blanked off. Pity it is too late for snow this winter (or is it?): that is when they really come into their own. Happy motoring!
  3. Happy Birthday and many happy returns Mr Duncs!
  4. Igor is quite right. It is also safer. Colleague of mine (H&S manager, funnily enough) was knocked down by his boss when he was scraping ice off the boss's windscreen and the boss started the engine - without his foot on the clutch. Car was in gear at the time and the handbrake was off... You have been warned.
  5. Let me add my best wishes to those aforegoing: have a great day, and many happy returns! Maria
  6. My '07 reg was the same - showed about 10mpg more than it really achieved. My 'new' RAV, an 09 model, goes the other way, indicating about 42mpg when it actually does 46 or 47 mpg. My earlier petrol RAV was very accurate, and my husband's diesel BMW is also dead right. Just goes to show that it can be done.
  7. Another vote for the G91A. I find them absolutely excellent in the wet, in the dry, on snow and on ice. The variant with the 101 loading is made especially by Yokohama for the RAV4, so my tyre emporium owning neighbour tells me.
  8. NMaria


    It's probably because I drive like an old woman but I used to get 42-43 mpg from my 2006 RAV, and I am getting 48mpg from my current car, an early 2010 model. That's using any non-supermarket fuel, steady driving on country roads, very little town/city, and not exceeding 70mph on the motorways. My husband has a BMW 520d with one of those marvellous BMW engines and he averages between 50 and 52mpg. Compared with that, 48mpg for slightly heavier, 4WD car is pretty good, I'd say, and I'm very happy with the economy of my RAV.
  9. These boxes can be a bit grumpy when cold, Steve (and 1st to 2nd can be notchy even when warm). They like a leisurely approach when they have just woken up!
  10. On the rear, there are two screws in the arch, and one right underneath in the sill, that you need to remove. On the front, you just push the new screws through the existing plastic securing buttons (or whatever they are called). Should be fairly easy, if you are using Toyota mudflaps. Hope this helps.
  11. NMaria

    Car Kettle !

    I had one of those, years ago. The flex was fine but the cigarette-lighter-style plug got VERY hot and either that or the socket melted in the end - can't remember which. Also it's possibly not very safe to trundle along with a boiling kettle in the footwell and I wouldn't like to sit with the engine idling for 20 minutes to boil water for two cups of tea. My advice would be to take a thermos... or a primus!!
  12. NMaria


    Years ago we undersealed a Shogun (grey import, no rust protection whatsoever) with Dinitrol because in various tests it outperformed Waxoyl. Looking at Landrover forums, the balance of opinion seems to be that Dinitrol is a superior product although more expensive and possibly trickier to apply.
  13. I believe that some replacement engines have also developed the oil burning problem. Not sure how you'd identify that but as long as you have some warranty left and are fairly expeditious about checking oil consumption and getting your local Mr T on board if you suspect any problems you'll be ok. It's a bit of hassle but you could find yourself with a good car with a new engine for the price you are paying for a good car with an old engine - not a bad proposition. Apart from that oil burning problem, that vintage RAV4 is pretty good (they are all good); some niggles with pads depositing crud on to discs but that will have been sorted on 'yours', I should think. I did 78k miles in mine before trading it in last weekend and it was a brilliant car - really loved it.
  14. Hi wineman and welcome. Congratulations on your first RAV4. I am sure you'll enjoy it very much, particularly if we get a snowy winter or if you tow a caravan around muddy sites. If you do get a set of 4 wheels+tyres, I'd be interested in buying one. Let me know how you get on.
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