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  1. Some earlier 4.3 diesel models had engine problems (high oil consumption) and Toyota offered an extended warranty on cars up to 7 years old. I do not know exactly when the problems started and ended, but they have been discussed at length on this forum so if you do a search you will find heaps of information.
  2. I bought one much like yours, Paul, a couple of months ago. Aren't they wonderful cars? I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. Didn't know that I should blank off the EGR - must look into that. But it runs beautifully even with its EGR un-blanked off. Pity it is too late for snow this winter (or is it?): that is when they really come into their own. Happy motoring!
  3. Happy Birthday and many happy returns Mr Duncs!
  4. Igor is quite right. It is also safer. Colleague of mine (H&S manager, funnily enough) was knocked down by his boss when he was scraping ice off the boss's windscreen and the boss started the engine - without his foot on the clutch. Car was in gear at the time and the handbrake was off... You have been warned.
  5. Let me add my best wishes to those aforegoing: have a great day, and many happy returns! Maria
  6. My '07 reg was the same - showed about 10mpg more than it really achieved. My 'new' RAV, an 09 model, goes the other way, indicating about 42mpg when it actually does 46 or 47 mpg. My earlier petrol RAV was very accurate, and my husband's diesel BMW is also dead right. Just goes to show that it can be done.
  7. Another vote for the G91A. I find them absolutely excellent in the wet, in the dry, on snow and on ice. The variant with the 101 loading is made especially by Yokohama for the RAV4, so my tyre emporium owning neighbour tells me.
  8. NMaria


    It's probably because I drive like an old woman but I used to get 42-43 mpg from my 2006 RAV, and I am getting 48mpg from my current car, an early 2010 model. That's using any non-supermarket fuel, steady driving on country roads, very little town/city, and not exceeding 70mph on the motorways. My husband has a BMW 520d with one of those marvellous BMW engines and he averages between 50 and 52mpg. Compared with that, 48mpg for slightly heavier, 4WD car is pretty good, I'd say, and I'm very happy with the economy of my RAV.
  9. These boxes can be a bit grumpy when cold, Steve (and 1st to 2nd can be notchy even when warm). They like a leisurely approach when they have just woken up!
  10. On the rear, there are two screws in the arch, and one right underneath in the sill, that you need to remove. On the front, you just push the new screws through the existing plastic securing buttons (or whatever they are called). Should be fairly easy, if you are using Toyota mudflaps. Hope this helps.
  11. NMaria

    Car Kettle !

    I had one of those, years ago. The flex was fine but the cigarette-lighter-style plug got VERY hot and either that or the socket melted in the end - can't remember which. Also it's possibly not very safe to trundle along with a boiling kettle in the footwell and I wouldn't like to sit with the engine idling for 20 minutes to boil water for two cups of tea. My advice would be to take a thermos... or a primus!!
  12. NMaria


    Years ago we undersealed a Shogun (grey import, no rust protection whatsoever) with Dinitrol because in various tests it outperformed Waxoyl. Looking at Landrover forums, the balance of opinion seems to be that Dinitrol is a superior product although more expensive and possibly trickier to apply.
  13. I believe that some replacement engines have also developed the oil burning problem. Not sure how you'd identify that but as long as you have some warranty left and are fairly expeditious about checking oil consumption and getting your local Mr T on board if you suspect any problems you'll be ok. It's a bit of hassle but you could find yourself with a good car with a new engine for the price you are paying for a good car with an old engine - not a bad proposition. Apart from that oil burning problem, that vintage RAV4 is pretty good (they are all good); some niggles with pads depositing crud on to discs but that will have been sorted on 'yours', I should think. I did 78k miles in mine before trading it in last weekend and it was a brilliant car - really loved it.
  14. Hi wineman and welcome. Congratulations on your first RAV4. I am sure you'll enjoy it very much, particularly if we get a snowy winter or if you tow a caravan around muddy sites. If you do get a set of 4 wheels+tyres, I'd be interested in buying one. Let me know how you get on.
  15. Anchorman - fancy having missed your machine, oh no!! I was so happy but now I am sad... Anyway, let's get back to being happy. Picking the car up on Monday evening from RRG Salford Quays. Registration is MM59CKU - does anyone recognise that? I'll post some photographs next weekend, when I can see my own drive by daylight again and have had time to give it a jolly good polish. Thanks for all your support, chaps. Happy motoring!
  16. Good grief, I've just bought a car! It was rather a spur of the moment thing and I am still trying to recover. Bought it from RRG Salford Quays; have had excellent service from RRG Macclesfield in the past so am happy to stay with the group. Thank you all so much for your excellent advice: there were some good pointers there. It was also good to have the reassurance that this later model has no major problems to look out for after having had injectors, brake disc warping and oil consumption problems on my current 2007 model.. This 'new' car is absolutely immaculate, brakes and tyres all ok, no rust anywhere, all the bits and bobs were present and correct (except a spare wheel, alas), antecedents OK. Good point about the recalls - I'll ask them to check those out. Just as you suggested, shcm, there were some noticeable improvements from my current car: smoother, quieter, more powerful. I didn't know the revised engine was so noticeably better. The car looks really nice: all black and shiny (Carry On up the Car Wash), and has a full leather interior, unfortunately: all that slippery slidy stuff makes me feel insecure. Perhaps I can put one of those sticky dashboard pads on the seat. No, on reflection, I'd need quite a few, my backside not being the svelte affair it once was. Enough of that. Candidates for chocolates and tablet - pm me your addresses please. Customers for bacon and egg butties - please call in at our home the next time you're anywhere near Cumbria: we're handily located just off the M6! Thanks again everyone, and happy motoring! Maria
  17. Seems you'll have to pm me your address for that box of choccies, Big Kev!
  18. I will very happily and wholeheartedly second that.
  19. My much-loved RAV4 has served me well but I am awfully tempted by a younger model. Callous and ungrateful, I know, but the old girl is getting a bit long in the tooth and I'm doing a lot of miles with my new job. Anyway, the lovely specimen that has caught my eye is an XT-R 2.2 D4D, 59 registration and has done only 16k miles. I'm going to inspect it tomorrow, and would be really grateful for any advice as to what to look out for. On the early models it was the DMF, some of the early 4.3 diesels had oil consumption problems...... anything I should know about the 2009-on models? A box of chocolates is on offer for the best entry! Many thanks in advance Maria
  20. I tried that on my previous RAV: steel rims and knobbly tyres. The handling and noise were not very good and fuel consumption went up, too. I have since found that I can get by very well indeed with the normal Geolandars: they perform surprisingly well even in pretty severe winter conditions, and I used to encounter plenty of those in the north of Scotland. Saves hassle, and saves worrying about when to do the swap, too!
  21. Well now, thank you so much, gentlemen. So kind, all the more so because I have been a rather rare visitor to the forum of late. Having a marvellous birthday: sat up in bed for a while this morning playing with all my presents (a new laptop bag and a tin of biscuits), now we're about to go out for a stroll in the evening sun. It's almost too exciting.
  22. Here's another fan of the G91s. I have found them to be excellent in all conditions including snow and ice, they are much quieter than knobbly tyres, and they last about 30k miles. Can't see much point in trying anything else unless it's macho looks you're after, but that is not really my kind of thing...
  23. Bought my RAV in March 2007, new car. Had a few problems fixed under warranty - injectors, brake discs, handbrake cable, windscreen wiper stalk, one or two other minor things - but I still thought that the RAV4 fitted my requirements better than any other car, and I really like it. However, from an early stage we noticed that oil consumption was sometimes excessive (or what we considered to be). I learnt through the forum of the possibility of having a replacement engine; by then it had done nearly 70k miles. Tried the local dealer who said he would rebuild the engine if oil consumption was above the threshold set by Toyota. Another dealer offered to replace the engine, so we opted for the latter. They did a superb job and the engine is much better: quieter, smoother, more powerful, and a bit more economical. They also installed a new EGR and catalytic converter (if I have read the invoice right), and I had the clutch replaced at the price of the parts. I am really very pleased. My car has always been maintained by main dealers (some better than others) and I only use branded fuel, i.e., not supermarket or other cheap stuff. I drive quite sedately. So, three cheers for the forum, because without that I would not have had a clue about the problem or this marvellous solution. Just how much we depend on the co-operation of our dealers is illustrated by my mother's case. She has an identical car which also drinks oil. Her dealer is dismissive (even when the oil light came on between services) and her circumstances (age and illness) prevent her from pursuing the matter (and in case you are wondering, I can't help her because she lives overseas). It seems that some people are at a distinct disadvantage, Toyota's excellent extended warranty policy nothwithstanding.
  24. Good grief, you have had a tough time of it. My father is dying by degrees of Alzheimers so I think I have some idea of what you have been going through, and I am not surprised it has knocked you back. And sleep apnoea as well, that's no fun either. Hope you're bearing up and soon start to feel stronger again. The forum has not been quite the same without you so it's good to have you back! Best wishes Maria
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