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  1. After doing about 20 miles on the motorway I pulled up at a roundabout, when I set off I could hear a 'once per rev knock'.... I put the clutch in and when I revved the car there was no noise. you can only hear it upto 50 ish before the once per rev is so fast its just a constant noise you dont really notice. It sounds very similar to a bottom end knock (but isnt). My first thoughts are gearbox or drive shaft (although iv never heard a failing driveshaft) As usual, any opinions welcome.
  2. I'd do a good service using quality parts. toyota recommended stuff only. mine is so much nicer after plugs, g/box oil, oil and filter and airfilter. As for thr Maf, take it out and give it a good blast of electrical component cleaner.
  3. But the '15th of November' bit didn't seem odd? lol. Just a old fool who bought his old car back dragging up old posts!.... it's not a idea tho...
  4. Funny you should mention Blyton, I might just be up for that. Not in the 'Rolla obv but i'll bring the trackcar for a giggle. How much is it? Is it with Javelin?
  5. Dragging the past up.......anyone for an Xscape meet? just over 2 years late...
  6. It's hardly dear is it! What does 25k actually buy now in 'list price world' a decent spec diesel Avensis? prius? it would be great if it came in at £20k but its not likely when you're talking more than that for nearly all new hot hatches.
  7. Or unlucky, only had it a day and i've got the christmas tree lights up with an intermittent erattic idle, low compressor oil and i'm pretty sure the plugs could do with changing. Ah well, back to the garage.
  8. Well having bought my Corolla compressor in '06, selling it in '09 its now back! I traded it for an Audi A4 cabriolet, enjoyed that for a little over 2 years before getting bored of going slow and posing. So I went looking for something fun and cheap and ended up finding my actual old corolla for sale. Now it's back where it belongs! Although it's already up to its old tricks of not working properly!
  9. I had a similar experience with Direct line, a filing cabinet fell off a rented pick up truck and hit my car, it damaged the front bumper and wheel. The guy admitted full liability, he was quite happy to as he had seperate insurance throught the rental company, got all the details in the world and went on my merry way. I phoned directline, they said there should be no problems and it would be sorted within a few weeks. A week later i got my renewal through and it had gone up 500 quid, when i phoned them they said the claim was not settled and so it had to be assumed that it was going to be a claim against me. I even asked if this would be refunded once the claim was settled, they said no, but i could renew my policy again and they would take into account my no claims discount. So i told them to cancel the claim, fixed the car myself, moved to Bell insurance and saved a few quid in the process. still cost me for the repairs tho.
  10. So Corolla owners are proud of the fact they own the 34th worst vehicle for failing MOT's in Britain.........
  11. Toyota do have a replacement part which they fitted to mine as a sort of trial, it worked great but it does involve changing the ECU and part of the wiring loom as on the new down pipe the lambda sensors are located in different places, it sounds different to the original pipe but nowhere near as bad as when they took the seperator plate out.
  12. Surely it makes the topic null and void if the R5 is modded and the CTS is'nt! nearly every car could, with the money, be made faster than a CTS. Oh and your all wrong, forget fords and renault for old school kicks it has to be an OPEL MANTA GT/E coupe.
  13. Looks like it mite be next ear before i get the car, damn DVLA, only want to put the number plate on retention!!!!!!!!
  14. It's pretty unlikely the R5T would even make it to the start line, anyway, just look at it! i'd rather be beaten than have to be seen in one!
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