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  1. Hi, I have a 2001 CDX 2.0vvt-i I love the car having the TTE springs and antiroll bars fitted. But its just a bit too heavy on the fuel. I'm getting 24mpg round town and an average of 31 if I'm really careful combined. My question is whats the best over all engine avaible on the t22 avensis. 1998-2003 and is it possible to swap engines. I know on vauxhalls its possible to just swap them over but I dont know much about toyotas. Would the 1.8 from a Celica GTI fit? can you put a D4d in. I used to have a 1.8vvt-i and that was much better, with only a little less performance.
  2. Hairibo

    Dave's CDX

    Lightly modified 2001 Avensus
  3. Hi mate, get a hold of the gear ratios of the two boxes, usually front in the brouche, it the 6speed has closer ratios then it will make your car accelerate quicker. Vauxhall boys are always swapping gear boxes. I cant say if it will fit tho.
  4. TTE spec. Stabilizer bars, and springs, exhaust back box, rear boot spoiler and front gril. Plus panel filter , strut brace, and 17" wheels, uprated breake pads. drilled grooved front discs, pioneer speakers, subwoofer, tinted windows, bodycoloured side strips and bumpers. Thinking about changing to an older 2.0 engine or diesl for better fuel consumption.
  5. Yeah do it when its cold and most of the oil will be in the sump anyway! I've had a car that lost oil presure on the motorway. Its not fun as the crank pops out the side of the block to say "hello", (Total engine right off) I'm sure it was the oil pump that gave up, but if it was to ever happen over an item costing £6 I thin k i'd have cried..... more than I already did lol.
  6. buy a proper ford fitment for the focvus, and keep the toyota one for your next oil change on the avensis., I'd just keep an eye on the dipstick level in your avensis just for peice of mind.
  7. all Avensis VVTI engines are all chain driven. Thats what it says in Haynes!
  8. I have one on my 2001 D4 VVT-i avensis Works well only £44, less than 4 orginal items from Toyota! Similar construction to the items you can buy From TRD for Yaris/Corolla etc. I'e aslo added a cold air feed from the front bumper, straight to the airbox. easy to do.
  9. No mate, you cant get them. All i did was heat wrap 4 or 5 layers of tinting filim around them, they look black, suit the bump strips but still shine bright orange when they falsh! Sorry no close ups!
  10. The car is a 2.0 VVT-i The mods I have so far are Eibach springs TTE eibach Uprated anti-roll bars Carina Strut brace 17" alloys Greenstuff brake pads front and back Rossini grooved/Drilled front discs K&N panel filter Remus back box Anything else I can do?
  11. Hi, i've just bought a really nice looking strut brace for the Carina E which fits the top mounts of my 2001 Avensis Cdx perfectly. When buying new anti-roll bar links on ebay i found they were also the same fit ment to the Carina E. so my question is , what performance parts ment for the carina E fit the Avensis. (The strut brace was only listed for the Carina, but i noticed the strut bolts looked like they were in the same place. and to my enjoyment when attempting to fit it,,,,,, they are!!!)
  12. I had the exact same problem with my 2001 Avensis, I rang Connects2 and the said that since i have A factory sat nav, then it wont work! But like everyone else says it worked fine for about 30mins, then cut sound of the whole unit, CD/ Radio the lot! I'm looking into a FM Modulator instead.
  13. Wheel bearings are the bearing which allows the hub (brake disc and wheel/tyre to spin round. If the wheel bearing is worn then it allows the wheel to move off its axis slighty, (Wobbley wheels) it upsets handeling and fails MOT I loved my dads old Sreg 1.8 the we both got the 1.8 vvti and now i have a 2.0 vvti. The only way i can tell the differnce with handeling is with tyres!
  14. I recon Standard Toyota brakes arent up to much, the front worpe easy. I have a 2001 2.0 vvt-i and i've bought uprated discs and pads of the internet for much cheaper than what the dealer is asking! Font Discs are Roseni drilled and groved, and rears are standard spec but not toyotas, Both sets of pads are EBC's greenstuff. Paid less than £200 for the lot, and work great!
  15. Hi, is there any thing on the market for tthe 2.0 vvti avensis 2001-2003? So far I have Eibach springs/ Remus backbox/ and K&N panel filter. Cant find an ECU chip or strut brace anywhere!
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