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  1. Hi, these are my rims...18" Oxigin Crystals. I wanted to go for a different look on my Gen 7 as i've seen countless with multi spoke rims and even though they all look rly good I wanted to go down a different road and be a bit more individualistic! But multispokes on Gen 7's do look rly rly good, i'm not puttin them down at all!'s pics...
  2. Moh

    Celica Gt

    Here's some pics, i hope u can see them otherwise jus msg me ur e-mail address! You can buy the spoiler with a brake light or without I think, but i personally prefer a brake light on the spoiler and I'm planning to tint the brake light on the top of the rear windscreen black so it isn't as obvious, but it wont make any difference to the brightness of the light.
  3. Moh

    Celica Gt

    Hello mate, I've got a Gen 7 and I recently put a GT spoiler on the back. I got the spoiler from JT Autoparts, but they were selling it on ebay. Only cost me £85 and that included the shipping from Germany. Paid £170 to get it painted and fitted includin gettin the brake light on the spoiler working, which causes a few ppl problems as they require covers if a brake light that isnt working is displayed. Also, I've got 18's on it too, so if u wna see any pictures then jus let me no. Nxt step for me is to get it lowered, u got any tips for me on that? Good luck with everythin tho mate.
  4. Moh

    Car Warranties

    I was considering gettin a warranty for my Gen 7 Celica. It's done 53000 miles and is now 7 years old. Do you all think it's worth getting or is it just a waste of money? Has any1 got one...if so how much and from where...and has any1 had any good or bad experiences of car warranties worth sharing? Thanks!
  5. Yeah it's fibreglass but the company (JT Autoparts) guarantee fitment, so i'm hoping the fitment wont be too bad! Also, i dont currently have a spoiler, so wouldnt rly wna fit it myself. Has any1 had a spoiler fitted here?! Surely someone!??
  6. If its pullin to the left but not rly rly badly, it cud jus be coz of the road slant. The roads are all slanted to prevent water gathering on them...u've probbaly taken this into account tho right? Generally all cars pull to the left a tiny bit coz of this reason.
  7. Vince...i want pics of this Celica with the Veilside kit! Hope u got the problem sorted!
  8. I recently bought a TRD Style Spoiler from JT Autoparts off ebay, and was wondering if any one on here has had a TRD spoiler painted and fitted on a Gen 7 Celica? If you have, then how much did you pay for painting? How much for fitting? Did any problems arise? Where did u get it fitted from and also do you recommend the place?! I'm thinkin it might be wiser to go somewhere tried and tested even if it is a bit out of the way! Thank for the help every1.
  9. Moh

    Induction Kit

    Sup Man... i've got a pre facelift 140, and i've been wantin to get an induction kit for a while now too....i think an issue you have to watch out for is removal of the MAF sensor....apparantly its not sumthin to be messed around with and it's quite a sensitive part too. Not much help with what ur asking, but thought I'd let u no before u start fiddling! Once u get it and reviews please...coz i wanted a Blitz one too instead of £150+ on a K&N!
  10. ***** wasnt a full can was it?! glad to know no1 was hurt...apart from the car obviously! :P
  11. is the engine management light on?!
  12. Sounds kind of similar to what's going on with mine at the moment...could be the start of your car needing a new oxygen sensor...i just ordered mine if you find out that the problem is your oxygen sensor....put it on the forum before you waste any money...coz u'll save a lot gettin the part urself! Hope the problem gets sorted anyway...and i think it should idle at 1,000rpm
  13. Moh

    Opinions Please!

    Before and After pics! Finally got my new alloys! I'm very happy with them, jus need to get a spoiler and replace the front and tail lights now!
  14. Moh

    Opinions Please!

    The bas****s at the company I'm gettin them from haven't got back to me! It's so frustratin...they said the likely date was Tursday 30th August, they didnt call so i called them and they said they'd let me no when i should be receiving them, but they didnt call today (friday) either! I'm expecting a phone call on Monday now. I hate waitin for stuff when u want it so bad!
  15. You all right mate!? Engine noise....scares the crap outta ppl...i've had trrouble myself man, so i no how it feels Is it a metallic knocking noise that gets quicker when u go higher up the rev range? My advice is...get it sorted sooner rather than the longer u wait the bigger the problem is gna get and the more money it'll cost. Hope its not too bad man Moh