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  1. The entire speedo has to come out of the car, then be dismantled to the bare PCB and 5 PLCC SMD LEDs will have to be swapped out. It's about 2 hours of work when you get handy on it... We've got a guy on our Dutch forum who does this modification and I've taken it upon me to redo OEM radio's in blue: This involves abit more work (about 3 hours), since there ar 45 "1206" SMD LEDs that need to come out and to get to 12 of them the dispaly needs to be removed, including it's 47 pins that need to be desoldered... I also "do" the light adjuster: (don't mind the color: blue is quite hard to photograph properly; the radio and adjuster are the same color as thee speedo you see above) We have talented people like Jan and EJS on our Citybug forum that are happy to swap the LEDs for the members. Thx Jan for the explanation. Guidom
  2. Got my Dash LEDS replaced with Blue ones http://my107.blogspot.com/2009/03/blue-led...do-and-rev.html Guidom
  3. Yes the side of arches are adjusted. the 5d has an extra bit of bodywork. You can see how that's done here http://my107.blogspot.com/2007/10/wheels-t...g-bodywork.html On the rear dampers we've put some rubbers to adjust the length so the wheels don't rub the inside of the arches.
  4. Pictures here: http://my107.blogspot.com/search/label/my107 Here a few from this Saturday:
  5. They are just a little bigger, but the speedo is actually more acurate with these. I checked with my Nav. The dampers are standard but we added a rubber as these 5 doors 107's will rub, 3d should have no problem. Also with passengers it's all clear now. Hope you get your tyres soon, want to see how they look like. Guidom
  6. See them here: http://my107.blogspot.com/2009/03/my107-17...es-arrived.html guidom
  7. Thats very nice lookin! guidom15 your blog is amazing! if you want pictures of my nice white aygo with a lot of mods, for your blog, just let me know! send them over guidom at zonnet . nl Where did you get the angel eyes? And have you received my pictures? Got them :-) thx I got them from a Dutch comapany www.desnelleleeuw.nl YOu can also get them from Autostyle.nl not sure they ship outside the country. G
  8. Thats very nice lookin! guidom15 your blog is amazing! if you want pictures of my nice white aygo with a lot of mods, for your blog, just let me know! send them over guidom at zonnet . nl
  9. I got those black Angel eyes installed. I don't know if they are available for RHD. Price 249 euro. pictures here: http://my107.blogspot.com/2009/03/new-angel-eyes-lights.html Guidom
  10. I replaced my side indicators for a pair of black smokey ones Here how to do it: http://my107.blogspot.com/2009/03/new-side-indicators.html enjoy Guidom
  11. I was already driving with the K&N filter and the exhaust so it was a little step in power. I think if you go from a standard to a chip tunes + filter + exhaust you will notice it way more. G No super charger for me.
  12. Just the backbox, so yes you are right there some room for improvement.
  13. It's been a while since I posted something here so I though I could better come with something interesting. I got my107 chiptuned Here is the result: - Standard 107 1.0 Factory info 68BHP @ 6000RPM - 93Nm @ 3600RPM - Standard 107 1.0 on this Dyno (different car but you have an idea what a standard 107 does) 75.8BHP @ 5974RPM - 105Nm @ 3608RPM - Dyno with Standard Chip setup & K&N Induction kit & Sport Exhaust 79.4BHP @ 5946RPM - 108Nm @ 2691RPM - Dyno with Bullpower Chip Tuning & K&N Induction kit & Sport Exhaust 87.3BHP @ 5937RPM - 118Nm @ 4483RPM more info and some pictures and Graph here: http://my107.blogspot.com/2009/02/my107-chip-tuned.html enjoy Guidom
  14. Here translated into english http://my107.blogspot.com/2008/07/toyota-aygo-xposed.html
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