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  1. There's no need to let any car idle on the driveway for more than about 10s before driving. Just take it easy (don't rev too high and don't use more than about half throttle) until it's up to temp.
  2. toyodiy.com should tell you all you need to know. If you want any standard springs I have some that came off my pre facelift (they covered about 40k).
  3. My seats have never slid forward with just the lever on the side - but I think this is something that might have changed with different years, because it says in my owners manual to use the normal slide adjuster bar to aid access into the back. What do other peoples' say? The passenger seat does seem to be a bit reluctant to move sometimes so I might take it out and have a look.
  4. The gear ratios won't allow lift from 1st to 2nd, that is correct. The only way to do it is to slip the clutch - which is what makes it possible. As for comparing to a Starlet. One of my best mates had one, rolling roaded at 129bhp (so standard and healthy). There was very little in it at low speeds, with the Corolla being slightly quicker at higher speeds.
  5. I have them too. Much better than the standard ones.
  6. Have you decided what pressure yours are rated to hoover? Last time you were on about them they were rated to much lower pressures than Goodridge ones.
  7. Filled up my car last night, did about 30 miles, mainly 30/40 limits, a bit of Dual Carriageway and 60 limits. Driving fairly gently but generally driving at the speed limit, and with a couple of overtakes. With air con on aswell. Got home and the computer was on 41mpg. So probably about 39 real. I'd say there's something wrong somewhere if you can't get that from a 1.6!!
  8. I got mine from opieoils. You get a discount through the forum.
  9. If you can take the seat out and work out what has snapped, can't you just attach something to it? Like drill something in there or something?
  10. 149 on the speedo will be roughly 140 real speed so is probably about right.
  11. It's normal. Very easy to burn the clutch on the CTS, think it's partly to do with where the air intakes are which draws the smell in. Don't worry about it until the clutch actually starts slipping.
  12. Couple of times a week?? It will take it many many times a day if you want to. As long as you keep on top of maintenance and make sure the engine is toasty warm before giving it death.
  13. 50psi is far too high!!! They should be around 32. The data is in the owners manual and on a sticker on the glovebox lid.
  14. Seems pretty low to me. I get better than that from my T Sport (and I don't turn my air con off either). Could possibly be an oxygen sensor problem. Have you got any lambda readings from a recent MOT or anything? If the sensor is buggered it can lead to the car over-fuelling. Are your tyre pressures OK? Brakes seizing on?
  15. Yeah I got one from the dealer. Not too expensive.
  16. Test the sockets on your new plugs to check the size! It might be 16mm but I can't remember. The torque setting for the plugs is 18Nm. It's 8.5Nm for the coils.
  17. There's a step-by-step guide for the pollen filter in the owners manual.
  18. ATF and gearbox oil are completely different things. Gearbox oil is like engine oil but thicker. ATF is a hydraulic fluid, like power steering or brake fluid. They're not interchangeable!
  19. Why are you comparing a normal everyday hatchback to a highly tuned van?
  20. If it's only a noise it'll probably be fine. Don't bother paying out over a grand just to get rid of it. T Sports make the same noise!
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