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  1. I used the above document when my old Aygo MMT had jerky changes. Transformed the car to as new condition. I believe the clutch actuator is always traveling the same short part of it's travel. As part of the procedure, it travels its full length before relearning its new position. It truly transformed the car.
  2. When my wife & I had Aygos, we used the flat Aero blades, they were brilliant. With the Yaris's attachment, I can't use the same brand. They have to be the "Hybrid" type. My replacement will probably be from here...... https://www.wiperblades.co.uk/search?keyword=hybrid
  3. Our 2016 Yaris has only one wiper. Like all Aygos...... Normal these days.
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/dt5e35/i_have_no_words_for_this_level_of_stupidity/
  5. The Negative or Earth is always disconnected first for a good reason. If you are removing the positive connection using a spanner and the other end touches the bodywork, The spanner will short circuit and will be very, very hot in less than a second. If you are spannering on the Earth side and touch bodywork......so what. Years ago, a mate was working on a starter solenoid on a Mini. Working on the positive side, spanner earthed through his wedding ring. It glowed. Pulled the ring off with a lot of skin. A lesson hard learned.
  6. We had the same problem. 2016 Yaris 1.33. 8000 miles on the clock. It was the 41st vehicle I'd owned. After owning it for a grand total of 8 weeks, I traded it in for another car. I pride myself in being a reasonable driver. Driving many cars, bikes & lorries. I'm an IAM member, I'm surely capable of driving a Yaris?......No...... This was the first car I've ever owned that I stalled constantly. My wife's Aygo 1.0 was never stalled in about 4 years of ownership. Every hill start became a challenge, the clutch biting point just seemed to assume a new "random" posit
  7. The volume for the speed camera is in the settings......However......if you press the "volume up" button on the steering wheel as the announcement is being made, that also works. This feature has caused me problems. e.g. Music is playing as I'm driving along......I press and hold down the "volume down" button to reduce the volume. Just as I do this, a speed limit announcement is made. The navigation volume will now be reduced. I now have the option of going into settings and turning it back up or...... pressing the "volume up" button on the steering wheel as the next announcement i
  8. Yes, I'm doing that...... Satnav set at 3, music at 20. If I then turn up the music......Say 35...... Satnav announcement is VERY loud. Can this "link" be removed?
  9. There seems to be a problem with mine too...... Set the Nav. volume to 3 with music set at 20......Everything perfect. Music on or off, Nav. is just right. Tune comes on I like......Turn music up to 35......Nav makes deafening announcements. I've tried all combinations, but they seem to be linked somehow.
  10. Unklian


    I stand corrected. I thought it would be just a swap-out at the dealerships, then inflator swap elsewhere. Didn't realise they could do that.
  11. Unklian


    Burrows Rotherham suggested they needed the car for 1.5 hours...... Glad I'm not paying 1.5 hours for this...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi5OzZl42OQ
  12. Bit late replying but...... Your "problem" I suspect isn't a problem at all. The bottom hose on a car (in winter or cool weather) never gets hot until the engine is fully up to temperature and then allowed to sit stationary with the engine running and heater off, so thereis no air passing over the radiator. The thermostat usually has a tiny bypass hole to allow the passage of a miniscule amount of water all the time so that the thermostat is ready to open as soon as necessary. In the current climate, even at walking pace, the very efficient aluminium radiator will instan
  13. Hi All. 2015 MK3 Yaris. I'd like to access the rear of my cigarette lighter / power socket for a 12 volt feed. Before I snap barbs off plastic interior fittings trying to do this, could somebody please tell me which bits to pull / push, location of any hidden screws. Do I need to remove the gear lever surround / centre console first? Cheers. Ian.
  14. Ensure the car is parked on exactly level ground. If there is no "twist" in the anti roll bar, it will be completely safe. As you loosen the brackets, the bar will be very easy to move up & down.
  15. Hi everybody. As the title...... Is fitting power fold mirrors as easy as buying 2 mirrors and the switch? Is all the wiring / fuses already in place or...... Is it a wiring loom job? Cheers. Ian.
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