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  1. Hi all, I have broke my key case last night when turning the ignition on and the whole housing broke and now will not stay together. I have been looking on eBay and cannot find anyone selling the right key case and blank (CE122) they all seem to be CE123!!!!! Have called Mr T and they have advised me 70 quid!!!!!!! Does anyone know where I can get a case and blank for my Yaris T Sport on a 02 plate. The internals all work fine its just the casing. Thanks in advance.
  2. Well Mr T has quoted me £242 for the alloy inc VAT!!!! the guy in parts askked for all the normal details of my car and could not find the price for the alloy and had the cheek to ask if they were the standard wheels on the TS!!!! Total idiot. Hey you tried looking in scrap yards, ebay or piston heads? :) Have tried all over and there was a set for £200 but they were rough and up in Scotland by the time i got them and had them refurb it would be to much to spend. Thanks
  3. UAD list them on ebay for £7 or £8 incl p+p for a pair with the links as well. I would be intrested as i have been told that mine need changing soon on my TS and also my sisters on her 1.0 Yaris need changing soon so would be good to know how much etc and when will they become avaliable. Thanks
  4. Well Mr T has quoted me £242 for the alloy inc VAT!!!! the guy in parts askked for all the normal details of my car and could not find the price for the alloy and had the cheek to ask if they were the standard wheels on the TS!!!! Total idiot.
  5. # Cheers for that will give a call in the morning. sick as anything as i also damaged my wishbone but i have that sorted as i got the part. thanks
  6. Hi all, Can anyone tell me how much toyota charge for a standard Yaris TS alloy i buckled mine on saturday and need a new one. thanks in advance
  7. Hi all, This morning i hit a patch of diesel on the road and lost control of my TS and hit a curb! My TS drives ok and does not pull to either side i have taken it to ATS and they have said i have bent the drivers wishbone and also buckled my front alloy!!!! im sick as anything as i write this!!!! does anyone know how much will it cost for a new alloy and also a wishbone??? would i be better off getting the parts from Toyota and get my local garage to fit them on (he worked for Toyota for 25 years and set up his own garage) or would it be best to get the work done at Toyota?? will i be ok to d
  8. Hi, Belts are not slack checked them last night have sprayed some WD40 and that seems to of done the trick. Have also got my TS booked in for the end of the month to get both belts changed. cheers for all your help
  9. So shall i spray the gogs that the belts go round? i have the car booked in to get both belts changed at the end of the month is there any damage that will be caused by this if there belts are not changed? thanks
  10. Im guessing thats the belt near the alternator belt?
  11. Hi all, i have noticed my Yaris TS has developed a squeaking noise from the engine when i am driving at low speeds up till about 40mph after that it becomes fine. once i drop back down to 40 mph or less it starts again. when the car is on tick over it does not make this noise at all just when i am driving any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Hi all, For all you T Sport drivers have found that the problem was the connecter that held the bulb in place. Went to Toyota to see if they had one in. When they checked the computer it showed that i had to get the whole housing as the conector did not come on its OWN!!! was going to cost £45 + VAT. I asked why was this the case and he advised that its rare that the bulb blows as it was a jap build. However if it was a french built Yaris then it would of just been able to get a connector as its a different build so they were telling me on the high level brake light!!! Also the T Sport bulb is
  13. Hi ya thanks for that. Not sure if the bulb works as just got is straight form Mr T which was alot cheaper than halfords. Will check to see where else this bulb will fit then to see if it working. Will have a go at seeing if the wiring has gome adrift or corroded. Sounds like your little shop is one of those attention to detail not like the big corp guys! Cheers.
  14. Im in the same boat can just get the buggy in the back and its a tight fit. I really don't wanna change my T sport!! Im looking at the 5 dr Corrolla T Sport but can't find a good one for 5k!! :-(
  15. Hi all, My high level brake light is not working in my T sport i have just changed the bulb and its still not working. I am thinking it could be the fuse now but if it is would that not mean all my brake lights would not be working??? Thanks in advance for your help. ;)
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