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  1. shiizzzer,when they put the car on the laser alignment,the drivers side wheel was fine but the wheel with the new part on was a bus ride out!! the mechanic said when he turns this one it should be pushing the other in??? which is what i didnt under stand <_< but the new one was turning around easliy as if it was new,and no signs of stripped threads?? cheers stella
  2. i just had the mot and my car failed on the track rod bar(the bar between the track rod end and the steering rack) cause it had play in it,so i had a new one put in,passed the mot,then went to bathwick tyres to get the wheels aligned and said they couldnt do it causeit kept spining?? but they are a ball socket that spin anyway? any ideas??
  3. cheers guy i`ll try that on the w/end and make em like new! :hokus-pokus:
  4. does anyone know of any good seat cleaners as mine are a bit mucky
  5. lol,thats how mine looked when i got mine
  6. helllloooo,um i`ll swap rims if u wants,i have rial imola 15s deep dish style[with machine polished lip] yep thats the geezer phil,likes his drink and war movies lol {edit} i guess there not your rims above? that cars clean as nuns :!Removed!:
  7. hi there,there last name is Athey,they live on the left towards the end. when i saw your car i was like wow,ive only seen 1 and that was on the moterway,i guess there pretty rare?but yours looks the dogs bo :!Removed!: ox ps,u would u wana swap moters :P
  8. hi there,i live east of cirencester,not to far away ,i take my mate to dursley to see his relatives,i pop in to that moterworld,next door to that co op i think? I do my own servicing so u might not of seen my moter, if was your moter i seen,i was down a little cu de sac where they were on about laying a new road,it parked on the left as u come in? laters...............
  9. hi there,how much r u selling them 4?
  10. hey there,not bad just wondreing where abouts in glostershire u live? ive seen a ae86 in dursley which was mint like yours
  11. hi there,i changed the oil in my gti with some mobil 1 15w50 performance formula fully synthetic,and the engine runs alot smoother,faster,revs spin quicker,its amazing wot this oil does,i would recommend it to any 1 serious about there moter
  12. hi there,i would love a set of clear front and side indicators,
  13. that gti is from weston super mare and ive seen been driven about,and the owner didnt drive carefully,revving the t!ts off it around weston center
  14. theres a fensport corolla on the max power dvd and its fast as fek u gotta buy to c it,also a twin engine`nd nova :!Removed!: the dvd shows toyotas whip *****
  15. i`ll try and get some piccys of it,as i said the car a minter and the old boy says hes never it above 60,the model is 2.2 2ws
  16. like some1 else said janspeed do them for your make and model,even a 4 branch manifold i think???
  17. lol,nope luckily its not a p/x,the old boy wants a auto metro, :hokus-pokus: i thought for 300 quid i mise aswell buy it,i could always pass it on for more :)
  18. ive been offered buy an 92 honda accord off an old bloke down the road from me,hes owned it from new,covered 40.000 miles,interior and exterior like new,full service history and garaged through out its ownersship,and hardly drives it above 50! he wants £300 quid for it,i think the power output is around 145 bhp but with friends in the states that can easily be raised with a few bits and bobs, im in two minds,keep the gti cause of the total reliability its gave me plus the good power its got{still spins the wheels in second :D } or get the accord cause of the space for the kids etc :) cheers stella
  19. hello there i would give it a go if i were u you never know u might get a feature in a mag? :P
  20. hello,either ebay.co.uk or ebay.com[stateside,some do deliver overhere,thats where i got mine] or look at the rage range as they have nice ones on the market??
  21. hi there,those exhaust prices seem a little high! its cheaper to get a universal in the style u like and get it put on at a exhaust center that can make up systems,like long life,mine cost £80 for getting it fitted [2hrs]plus the stainless they used for the pipe work.its worth looking around,see if there is a bells exhaust near you thats where i got mine done plus its garranted for life. stella
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