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  1. The 1.8SR has straight line superiority between 30-70mph. Off the mark they are no different as the TS is much lighter, however the torque bonus from the bigger engine will have the 1.8 inching in front.

    However its nowhere near as "chuckable" as the TS which you can launch into roundabouts and tight bends and come out with a smile, while the 1.8SR will have you wondering if the steering wheel is actually connected to the front wheels.

    In short... the SR is slightly quicker in a straight line, but the TS will obliterate it round the bends.

    Also the SR ofcourse only has the US market derived 1.8 with about 140bhp, some TS's in the past have had straight forward mods and produced the same power. Couple with a decent set of coilovers and you have a very nippy and fun gokart like car.

  2. Just been told about this! IWM is amazin!

    I wont be in a Jap car either, so i cant do JAE as the ubiktards who run that wont let non-Jap cars in :(

    There are a couple of none Jap cars coming to this so I'll put your name down with Chris's then ;)

    Top man as always :)

  3. LOL!

    I will be very proud of my little aygo when i get it, just thats the problem - dont want it damaging, touching, or being looked at too long by strangers!


    You wont park your car amongst an army of car lovers? But you will dump it in the pleb car park where all manner of prats and pillocks will be parked up?


  4. Thanks for the heads up to this Les... if some bloke called John Fcukpig wont let Jap cars on site i wont be coming. (Send him my regards calling him a todger).

    I dont mind hiding mine on stand but im not leaving it somewhere i cant see it...

    And in my infinite wisdom i wont have the MR2 finished.... unless we come in hers... i dunno?

  5. I once carried on AFTER the last one had gone off in my TS. It did 23miles before it started to splutter!

    So theres plenty to get to a garage at least.

    Yeah, a gallon is the norm! I wouldn't advise letting it run out completely, though as you may drag all the built up sh** .. Ahem, sediment and clog your injectors!! :(

    Where do you think the pickup is? :rolleyes:

  6. Has the car got aircon?

    If so at the rear of the footwell under the glovebox, there is a rubber tube that should be poked through a hole.

    Its possible people can catch it with their feet and knock it out of the hole and then it drains into the footwell.

    Its for condenation that builds up in the aircon exchnager unit.

  7. No lol

    Unless science can proove it... then no

    But science cant dis-prove it either!

    No but common sense can :lol:

    Ghost are a 'theory' and a theory stands until proven to be false in essence

    Personally if you do believe in ghosts i concider you as a 'mental' :lol: or on drugs....

  8. I couldn't have one simply because oil usage of 1 litre per 1,000 miles just isnt normal what ever Mazda say! I think a Nissan 350Z would be worth a look.

    mind you some toyota engines are using the same amount of oil

    Yes thats true, however Mazda don't deny it or acknowledge an issue. At least Toyota have helped some of affected vvti owners, Mazda see it as a characteristic that costs the driver £150 every 10,000 miles.

    Its normal for a rotary due to how the work, so they wont acknowledge it as a "problem" anyway.

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