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  1. I previously owned a RAV4 Invincible and may be about to buy a second one next week. I can't remember from last time whether there is a setting for the car to lock when you start driving - can anyone confirm please? As it's also been a while since I owned one is there anything that I should look out for before buying? This is a 14 plate with 30k on the clock, Diesel Auto with FSH.
  2. Paulq

    2.2 D-CAT MPG?

    I did but am not sure whether this is the 'V Matic' as that's the only auto listed on HJ's Real Mpg section.
  3. Hi I am currently considering coming back to the Toyota fold after some time away. The car I am looking at is another 2.2 D-CAT Invincible Auto which has the spec I am after. The only hesitation I have is about the mpg as having had one recently, even on a good run, the OBC was showing around 33 mpg. I had a number of issues with that car and moved it on and am not sure if I had a bad one. Is this normal for that engine/gearbox combo? Am not sure I could live with the cost of that. Cheers.
  4. I have had my 2.2 D-CAT Auto invincible for a few months now and on the whole I am really pleased with it. I just have a question about whether this particular engine is prone to using a little bit of oil and whether having to top them up is normal? The oil was last changed around 3500 miles ago and, remarkably, still looks pretty clean with only the bottom of the dipstick starting to look anything like black. By far most of my mileage is motorways and I only use branded fuel so looks like a healthy engine from that perspective. However, checking it again at the weekend the level h
  5. Paulq

    Stubby Aerial?

    Great thanks - I will do just that.
  6. Finally picked up my RAV4 on Wednesday last week and am absolutely over the moon with it - far far better than the CRV it replaced. The only issue I am having is that the aerial is catching on the garage roof when I put it in there which is a bit of a pain. Is there an OEM shorter replacement available or, if not, can anyone provide a link to one they have used that works well? Have looked on eBay but not sure what's good an what's not on there. Thanks in advance.
  7. Profile duly updated Thanks for the info I'll take a look when I get it as this may not be for a couple of weeks. Another question that popped into my head is whether the Auto box is a CVT or standard Torque Converter and how many gears does it have? Amazing the things you think about when you get a new car
  8. Well, after another fruitless trip to the Honda dealer yesterday I finally ran out of patience and bought a RAV4 Invincible 2.2 D-CAT Auto. It felt very familiar being back in a Toyota after so long and I was actually surprised at how well it drove; perhaps not quite as refined as the CRV but a much more punchy engine and the gearbox was better than expected. It's in grey and is pretty much immaculate outside. I must admit to not being a fan of the RAV interior at all though - what were they thinking? However, that's the only minor gripe and I am looking forward to being back in a (hope
  9. Fair observation and I have never really rated built in Navs but the offputting thing is the mucking about with a 3rd party one.
  10. If I have to make a change then it will be the diesel AWD I'd be after though I have never driven a hybrid so really don't know how they perform.
  11. Thanks that's good to know. At the moment it's a contingency in case my current situation turns out to be as horrible as I dread but you never know. The car I'd be after is an AWD and I didn't realise they had stopped doing the auto - maybe that's why they appear to be in quite short supply.
  12. As a previous long term Toyota owner I moved away from the brand a few years ago when I got a Company car. Since then I have owned a few vehicles and a month or so ago was looking for a nice SUV with the intention of considering a Rav4. Cutting a long story short I just couldn't find a nice one with the spec I wanted so ended up with a Honda CRV. Mistake. It has some issues I am far from happy with and its first trip to the dealers yesterday was wholly unsatisfactory and resulted in none of them being rectified. It's going to a different dealers next week for them to have a go. I'm not
  13. Hi I have an opportunity to buy a really nice 14 plate RAV4 which is the 2.2D Auto but am concerned about the real mpg. I do about 16k miles a year mostly motorway but maybe 30% town - can any owners tell me what I should expect? Thanks in advance.
  14. I had a similar (not exactly the same) issue a couple of weeks ago. Turned out that the induction pipe attached to the throttle body had come away due to a clip breaking. It wasn't intermittent like yours but just a suggestion as it may be that yours is 'starting' to go rather than being completely defective. Good luck with getting it sorted.
  15. Just wondered whether anyone else has this problem (08 plate 2.0 D-4D TR)? The arm rest locates in the centre console with a latch but there's actually only a hole in the plastic of the console for it to locate into rather than anything else. Is there normally some kind of mechanism in the centre console for the latch to locate into or do they all just have a hole in the plastic? If anyone has a fix for a rattly one I'd appreciate it. Cheers. Paul
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