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  1. It failed for leaking oil?! That must be a fairly large leak, i own several old cars which all drop oil, and that has never been a problem. I just have a gravel drive!
  2. Hi guys. My Ae92 is making a loud knocking noise from the nearside rear. It only occurs while driving, and doesn't speed up as the car does. I have a long list of things that it isn't, such as the drop link, anti roll bar and shock absorber. I have also looked at the fuel filler pipe ect and all is solid, and no play is evident in the wheel bearing! So basically, i am stumped. I will check the caliper and wheel bearing on thursday, just to make certain it is not them. I suppose if i cant solve it then a sound deadening pad may be the way to go. Can anyone help? Any ideas as to what it may be? Please? :( Cheers Chris