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  1. Happy Birthday carls sr!

  2. not sure am a fan ov that either but each to there own
  3. erm i use black to black and muc off and hard work neva let it get dirty tbh so not that much hard work for me
  4. k&n typhoon best for corolla in my opinion am plannin engine mods after the exterior is finished theres plenty to look at am sure ull b able to get cams remap manifold and exhaust probs best performance mods make sure u have a cold air feed with ur induction kit
  5. just put a toyota badge on it gaz u no u wanna
  6. gloss black to look like carbon bright orange suburu style air scoop r-e-s-p-e-c-t ali g style me lykes -_- ^_^
  7. just fort ide show sum pics of the car nice n clean again seeing as it gets so dirty with this luvly weather fort ide clean the engine bay as well n a picture of the stickers on the car treated with vynel care products
  8. comon peeps we need a stand at this show every one get ur names down
  9. seeing as this is the show that made me apart of the forum betta put my name down rolla shud look a bit dif by then as well 1 - Jerry Phipps 2 - ae111sr (John Payne) 3 - Red Yaris 54 4 - carls sr
  10. was thinkin ov doing this my self and having blue studs i like it .... think i mite beat u to it and do it ;) after the show prep has been done ;)
  11. u no i wont let u down ill go :P 1. carls sr ( and ashley in own car or as passenger depending ) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  12. yh everything is paid for by toyota warrenty but i fort the warrenty was 3 years or 30k witch eva came first if urs is at 30k ur out of warrenty arnt u?
  13. did i just hear the words Balearic Blue i better post pics of my car quick :P soon to have sum changes made for this years shows ;)
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