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  1. Hi, can someone help please. 2006 Yaris T Spirit with keyless ignition - never failed to start since we had it in 2010! Doors unlock normally via the touch contact on the door handle and via the buttons on the fob. On pressing the start button (with clutch depressed) all usual warning lights appear but engine does not turn over - the yellow key light has changed to red. New batteries in both original and spare key fob. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have a 2013 Rav4 2.2 with just under 65K on the clock purchased in March 2014. Without doubt the best tow car I have had. Caravan towing in Europe is effortless. Dare I say it but its been spot on and ultra reliable. Tailgate struts replaced in first year and air con condenser replaced under the extended warranty. The only expenditure over and above service plan has been a battery. Lockdown finally killed it off. This age Rav4 features very highly in the "Which" used car Best Buy for medium and large SUV's
  3. Hi, anyone else experienced difficulties in removing the dust cover on the back of the headlamp so you can access the dipped beam bulbs please. it’s supposed to be twist and remove but I can’t shift mine. Any clues please
  4. Hi, I've now got Michelin Cross Climate on my 2013 Rav and the noise level and general feel of the car is so much better. Previously had Good year which were not so good as the original Bridgestone Duellers
  5. I have a set of Carina II wheels (with tyres albeit they are fairly old). Originally from a 1988 Carina II 2.0 Executive but also fit the same age Camry. £40 the set if anyone is interested but they will need to be collected - once we are allowed out and about of course
  6. Not wishing to turn this thread into a dealer score chart I have used Howards at Weston for our Yaris and Rav and before that 2 Avensis and always found them to be top notch on all counts. I am ex motor trade so know a good and bad dealer - trust is a big thing and relationships are two way. top notch as well is a Parts King !
  7. Hi, I’ve just changed to Michelin Cross Climates on my 2013 2.2 Icon. The difference tyre noise surprised me, so much nicer to drive as well as quieter on all surfaces
  8. It’s a clip for mounting either a tag for the French peage network or the old Severn Bridge toll tag
  9. Hi, I am considering replacing my 2.2D 2013 Icon and 2006 Yaris for a single vehicle, a 2018 2.0 petrol CVT, ideally AWD and auto box Any experiences please good or bad and also as it relates to towing a caravan. Thanks Rob
  10. Hi I need to remove the front bumper (or so it appears) to gain access to the horn on our 2006 Yaris T Spirit Any one have any pics to highlight the fixings or general instructions please Many thanks
  11. Hi, for what's its worth on the subject of Rav tow cars whilst my 2013 2.2 isn't an auto it's probably the best tow car we have had. Tows a 1400 kg caravan with ease, plenty of reserve power and no problems with the handling.
  12. Northern Lad Thank you for your reply. I give it a thrashing once a month and avoid cheap diesel. It also gets a tin of BG244 now and again. i did all this with my old T180 and the poxy EGR valve still blocked !! your reply is appreciated, I will leave the valve alone.........
  13. Can anyone help me with the location of the EGR valve on my 2013 2.2 diesel Fuel consumption has taken a dive - last time this happened on my T180 a clean of the EGR valve and ports made a massive difference. Thanks
  14. I have a rather annoying rattle coming from the top of the dash on my 2013 Rav Icon. Its there under acceleration and the warmer the weather (and dash) becomes the more obvious it is. I can get rid of it by pressing on the top of the dash. I've tried eliminating it by strategic placing of bits of foam but this is a very short term fix Any one else with a like problem on a 2013 on model please If it s a common problem it will be easier or me to go to Mr T for a warranty resolve Thanks
  15. Hi, we have been towing successfully our 1300 kg caravan with our 2013 2.2 manual for the last two years. We've been down to the Alsace region of France via the Ardennes with no problems and it quite happily runs along in 5th or even 6th on the motorways at 60mph. Get the Lower gear changes in early, keep the revs up and it's running as a really good tow car. Clearly we are well within its maximum towing weight
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