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  1. Hi - I have been reading old posts about reasons why this could be. Mine came on yesterday for the first time so I took a look under the bonnet as most answers seem to favour duff cylinders - but it all sounds to be running okay - no noises outside the norm - it is generally quite rattly anyway. I have checked the oil and that is well topped up. I have been hammering the air con recently and that squeaks and rattles after its been on a while. All relevant suggestions much appreciated as I am a typical girl - not a clue what I am looking at or how to fix it! I desperately need my car for work though so would it still be safe to drive? Thanks
  2. Hi - I have a 51 plate VVti 1.8 190bhp and apparently, the heater matrix has gone. It is flooding the passenger footwell. I have been quoted best price of £500 for a generic part (not Toyota) plus 5 hours fitting (+ £250). Is this a fair price or am I being had? I have found a good matrix from JapSpares on ebay for £40 but can it be fitted for less - 5 hours seems an excessive amount of time to fit one, but I'm a girl, what do I know? Any advice? Thanks