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  1. OK, I cleaned the MAF sensor wires with carb cleaner and it solved that problem.
  2. I have "P0171 Fuel trim too lean (bank 1)". Inspection of the live data reads: MAF sensor reading - steady (I believe this means the MAF sensor is probably working OK and does not need cleaning?) O2 sensor reading - fluctuates between about 0.1V and 0.7V (I believe this is normal operation at idle)? So, I am stuck to know what to do next? 1. Clean MAF sensor anyway (this seems to be a sensible idea, because it won't cost anything) 2. Replace MAF sensor 3. Replace inlet manifold gasket 4. Replace O2 sensor 5. Replace CAT convertor 6. Something I haven't though of. Any suggestions please?
  3. I figured it out in the end. The switch actually includes a latching relay. You need to tie 4 pins to +12v and another two to GND and then pin 1 is the latching O/P. Bizarre to have so much built into the switch!
  4. Well, I want to add an accessory to my 2001 Corolla, so I thought I'd just get a switch from a breakers and put it into an empty hole. However the switch has 8 pins and I've figured out that three are +12V and one is Ground. When I wire up the switch like this, it illuminates fine, but when I press it, none of the spare wires do anything sensible like switch from 0 to 12v or vice-versa. This is just a fog light switch so I'd be very surprised if it was sending some complicated multiplexed signals around. Any ideas please?
  5. I'm sure I posted this the other day but can't see it here. Surely no one would have deleted (and if they did they'd have surely contacted me to say so and explain why) it so it must be my memory. I'm trying to get rid of a 1987 Carina II liftback (1.6 automatic) beige. It needs welding to get through the MOT due in Jan (holes in the floor) but otherwise it's served us well. It still goes, has only done 80k and has newly-refurbished alloys with newish tyres. Available for collection from near the M1/M25 junction. You've got a week or I scrap it. First come first served. Post returned because t
  6. I don't know for sure but I do remember reading something recently to say it is valve safe. You can usually tell by the noise it makes when the belt goes, I would have thought!
  7. Which Carina II is it? AT151 (84-87) or the later one (AT171 I think) 12/87 on?
  8. Hi thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that will be the newer body shape, mine is AT151.
  9. They didn't have one when I was there at 2pm today :) They say they never get vehicles that old.
  10. I've tried breakers but they say the car is too old... none on eBay... too old for Toyota to carry the part... anyone any idea where I can get headlights / sidelights / indicators etc for 1987 (old style) Carina II? Someone replaced one headlight with a later design and while it does fit it doesn't look right and I can't adjust the beam properly.
  11. Rusty front offside wing on our 1987 Carina II (old model, not the new one that was introduced in Nov/Dec). I'll probably patch it up with filler for the time being but I wondered if it was possible to still get wings for this?
  12. I get very low mpg from a 1.6 Carina II auto but then most journeys are only a mile or two, so the poor car hardly ever gets into overdrive. It's much better on a motorway run, as you'd expect.
  13. Oh and it should be obvious but you have to remove the ashtray.
  14. Mine is an auto so might be slightly different. You have take off first the long bit of plastic round the handbrake and gear selector (6 screws, I think). Then the storage bin under the radio (4 screws?). Then - this is important - there are two screws that go up diagonally from underneath from where the storage bin was. You can't see them unless you lie on your back in the footwell. The rest should be obvious but it's those two screws that are important.
  15. This has come up a couple of times so I thought I'd mention what I've found for the Carina II as there is no Haynes manual. I use: Pocket Mechanic Toyota Carina II by Peter Russek Manuals Toyota Corolla/Carina Tercel/Starlet 1970-1987 Chilton Repair & Tune-Up Guide (USA but still useful) and best of all: Toyota Repair Manual for Chassis and Body Corona & Carina II (36233E) Toyota Engine Repair Manual for 2A, 3A, 4A etc (36230E) The genuine Toyota manuals are very good and easy enough to pick up from ebay or abebooks or whatever.
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