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  1. actull found the parts a few days agos. the CV Joints are from a Carina E GTI in case there is a search on it again, mite be help to a few people. Dont know yet wat i can get links of will have to wiat see. thanks for replyin tho!
  2. emma321


    thanks steve and johny!
  3. Thanks thats a great help. I am looking for a CV Joint for my car and was told the Carina E GTi one would fit. But I realised after I had gotten one for a normal 1.8Carina already and it didnt fit. Thats just what I wanted to know! Thanks Emma
  4. Hi, This might be a really dumb question but I know nothing about carinas so thought I would ask here. Is the Carina 1.8 and Carina E GTi the same car? Also would the CV joints for both be the same one?!
  5. Hiya. I have a Toyota Curren. I am having trouble getting parts in Ireland for it. Was told its the same as a ST202 Celica. I needed cv joints and droplinks for it. I got a drive from Japan of a Curren and the rest of a ST202 Celica. All the parts I had got from the Celica were wrong. I got the other parts here in Ireland, the drive cost me 300e so when I thought the others would fit I didnt get the second one, as the cost was quite high! Wish i spent the extra money now! So was just wondering would anyone on here happen to know what parts woud fit or would my best bet be to go and get the drive again from Japan. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Emma
  6. i actually got a drive but the problem is it cost 300e! might just have to get that again. just thought someone on here might know of what part to get. might just make a new post on it!
  7. hiya. i have a curren. also am having trouble gettin parts in ireland. was told its the same as a ST202 celica. i needed cv joints and droplinks for it. got a drive from japan of a curren and the rest of a st202 celica. all the parts from a celica were wrong. pretty dissapointed as i been waitng ages for my car. anyhow, where do you manage do get your parts from or have you had to get any yet? any help would be greatly appreciated. thats my car by the way!! thanks emma.
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    this is my curren. its based on a celica.
  9. emma321


    hiya. bit late but just found this thread when i was doing a search! im emma from mayo and am Driving a Toyota Curren at the moment.