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  1. Happy Birthday Degringo!

  2. Hi, Is there a way of identify the manufacturer of the CD Tuner fitted to my 2002 Corolla TS without taking it out of the dash. I've been told that it could be either a Phillips or a Fujitsu Ten unit. I'm gonna fit a AUX adaptor to aloow my MP3 palyer to play through the stereo but need to know the model to ensure that i get the right adaptor Any help gratefully recieved
  3. Dunno what the performance is like but Toyota quoted me about 200 quid for to have one fitted to my car (I decided against it). The dealer knew nothing about it as they'd never seen one before. ← Did that £200 include the sub and amp? If so that's a pretty good deal to fit it as well. The sub and amp are probably cheap tat as well. Albundy, why not see if you can buy the connectors from Toyota. If they do a sub and amp, you must be able to buy the connectors as well . ← I have the toyota sub fitted along with 6 disc autochanger the sub, makes a huge difference to the sound and I believe that there is a socket in the back of the stereo for the sub to connect into. Although the sub is basically a box approx 12" x 8" x 2" the woofer is approx 6" in size.
  4. Hi Man-bing I've a question for you. When you replaced the stereo\airvent housing, did you find any problems with gaps above the unit. Dixon Motors installed a 6 disc in dask changer and completely <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>ed up the central console and have left a 7mm gap above the stereo\air vent housing. It's been back to them but they say that it's been done correctly (My *****) :censor: :censor: :censor: . I've lived with it like that for 2 years now and i've decided i'm going to try and fix it. Therefore Is are there any securing clips that connect the top of this housing to the dash to pull the gap closed? Any suggestions you can give will be gratefully recieved
  5. Hi Guys I was just wondering what sort of mileage i should expect to get from the CTS Discs. It's just that my CTS has had it's 30k mile service and the pads and discs are 90% worn. Toyota are going to get the discs replaced under warrenty. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has worn their discs out by 30k miles Cheers
  6. Cheers Guys Garage rang this morning to reschedule the service, as the courtesy car has a fault Hey Ho
  7. Sorry about that, I missed this post some how. You probably have had them fitted by now. I've still got the reverse bleep (annoying) and the progressive bleep from the rear warnings. I have however relocated the warning buzzer to under the parcel shelf side panels so i can hear it. But I don't rely on them. If in doubt get out
  8. Hi, I've just found out that Toyota do do cycle racks, but at £75 quid each, I think I might not bother and adapt the ones i have to bolt directly to the roof rack.
  9. Hi, My CTS has decided this winter to start getting condensation on the inside of the windows. Last year i had no problems. Is it anything to do with the Air Con needing a service? It's off for its 30k service tomorrow, so should i get them to service the aircon units? Thanks in advance Degringo
  10. Guys, Help I've had the radio out of my CTS and when it goes back in i've got a gap at the top. I've tried refitting it to remove the gap with no luck. Can anyone help me, have i missed a secureing point.
  11. Good Morning I've got a problem. I've got a Toyota roof rack for my CTS, which i've had for a while. I've just come to fit my cycle carriers to it and they don't fit :censor: I've had a look at the Thule website and their Aero bars are 40mm in width, but the Toyota's are 60mm in width. Does anyone know if toyota do cycle racks to fit their roof rack + Costs. I'm a bit ****** off as if I had have realised this I would have gone for a thule system, not Toyotas. But the toyota one was cheaper. Any help greatly received Degringo
  12. Hi, I have the Rear parking sensors fitted, I find them usefull. However don't rely on them totally, like i did. They are not totally full proof as my neighbours car has the dent to prove it. I believe that the sensors need to be lower down in the rear bumper as they don't always give a true distance reading. Also the buzzer is not very loud and cannot always be heard.
  13. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. I'm sure everyone here will make you feel welcome. Enjoy your TS
  14. snap 1st - 4th gears only, doesn't do it 5th or 6th. Also doesn't do it when only done a few miles. Maybe it has to do with the gearbox getting warm (wonders if the oil needs topping up in the gearbox) I get the tinking sound, I think it's the exhaust expanding whilst it warms up. But I also get the noise when I've been ragging it in the 6300 + range, where the exhaust gasses are at their hottest. You will get a clunking sound below 10mph which is associated to the traction control and ABS system, so thats a noise not to worry about :o) Have any of you had problems with ill fitting parcel shelfs?
  15. Arrhhh I've had the same noise, which I assume was coming from the gearbox, it's like a low whine. However it only seems to happen after a long period of driving. Typically when it went into the dealer it wasn't doing it. I can only assume that it has something to do with the gearbox getting warm after a long period of time. Back to the dealer soon to have the center armrest top section replaced after the hinges broke so will ask them to check this again.
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