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  1. You can do it without removing the bumper, but you need to get underneath to get access. I used a two post ramp at work, but you could use a jack and a pair of axle stands to do it. There is a couple of sheild to remove to get to the fog light covers, but it is an easy job once it the car is jacked up.
  2. They are a pain to remove. I used a small flat blade screwdriver to push in the tabs so the cover could be removed. But, they are fragile and will break off it you are not careful.
  3. Nice looking wheels. One question though. Why are you running your tyres inflate so high? Due to the nature of the tyre construction and the weight/performance of the IQ, you are running the tyres about 10psi too high. All you will end up doing is wear out the centre tread of your expensive tyres. It will also have a detrimental effect on the handling, as the tyre will not work correctly. Have you driven it i the wet yet? It must understeer like crazy.
  4. Tuning parts took forever to be developed for the IQ, so the same will happen with the 1.33. Tuning companies have to deceide that there is a need before they will produce parts. But, as the engine is used in a few models, induction kits, exhausts should be the first parts available. These normally start appearing on the market after about 12 months. You will have to be patient, or go the custom route like I and a few others have.
  5. Hi Raj, I have 35mm H&R springs with 7x17 wheels fitted with 215/45x17 Toyo Proxes. These fit with no rubbing problems at all, and I drive on some very bumpy roads. I do have to take care over speed bumps though. But it is my big bore exhaust that just catches them if anything. I found it difficult to find suitable tyres, as all the tyres in this size are designed for heavier more powerfull cars. Because of this I have to run the the tyres at a lower pressure (26psi)because of the much stiffer side wall. You can fit 18" wheels, but the tyres are stupidly expensive, and the ride will be ver
  6. Nice review. Very similar experience with mine. I have just booked my first service as mine is just coming up to being a year old. Time flies when your having fun :D The only niggles I have are the fuel economy( not as good as the Aygo I had before), and I don't think the seats are as comfortable as the Aygo either, especially on longer journeys. But, I suppose the IQ is not really designed for that, being an urban commuter. I do like the rarity factor though. I still don't see that many IQ's around. I just hope that doesn't effect the trade in value in a couple of years time. :(
  7. Sorry Barry I should have been clearer. Yes touch the door handle to lock the car. Touch it again within 2 seconds to deadlock the car( so you can't open the car from the inside if you smash a window). And if you try the door handle within another 2 seconds, the car will allow you a "check it is actually locked" pull on the handle. You then walk away from your locked IQ. You shouldn't have to use the bottons on the fob at all
  8. I am not sure we have this function on the IQ. I have keyless central locking, just a fob you keep in you pocket. I have had my car for a while and have just got used to locking it by touching the door handle. You just have to program you brain that it is locked I often end up checking it is locked, only to grab the handle and unlock the car again :D
  9. I'm liking that alot Great idea and very well accomplished
  10. Good choice. And obviously the best colour
  11. I have 7.5x17 wheels with 215/40x17 tyres on my IQ. I have just fitted a set of Toyo T1-R's. They are absolutely amazing tyres, although, due to their load idex rating the side walls are a bit too stiff. This helps in the corners, but makes the ride a little choppy. I have been experimenting with the tyre pressures, and 26psi all round seems to work best. It will be interesting to see how well they wear.
  12. I got a genuine Toyota kit for less than £6 from my local dealer. The kits come with a tool for rubbing down the painted chips so they blend in. I have used the Halfords kits before, but they don't do my colour. And they are dearer to buy than a genuine kit.
  13. I have a silver IQ and I too have noticed that I have recently obtained lots of stone chips. The front seems really prone to them, and I don't sit right behind other cars. I have also got a few on the rear quarter panels. These have come from my commute on country roads. After the excessive salting of the road, there has been so much broken surface material which you just can't avoid.The primer is a dark grey colour, so the chips show up badly. I have just got a touch up paint kit from the dealer, so I will have a go at them tommorrow.
  14. Just been looking at some photos on the TSS website. Your car looks ace. Loving the rising sun filler flap :D . Great "race face" too. Serious concentration! Did folding back the mirrors give you the enhanced performance needed to set a good time :D Good on you. And I hope you do well in your next round
  15. Definately a case of too many short commuter journeys. How many miles has your IQ done? Seeing as the IQ was designed for this type of inner city driving, this much condesation is a bit of a concern. A high moisture content in the oil can cause engine wear, as it turns the oil acidic. As the service schedules are based on conbined driving use, I would be inclined to change the oil at half the recommended interval to prevent excessive moisture build up. It will probably stabilize during the summer months due to a warmer ambient temperature, but I would take your car for a decent trip: 100 miles
  16. timcrasher

    Privacy Glass

    The dealer stickers just peel off. It does help to warm them a little first with a hair dryer though. It cost me £40 to have my rear window tinted. A local windsceen company did it for me.
  17. timcrasher

    Privacy Glass

    Hi,welcome to the forum. I had my rear window tinted this week. The standard rear window tint is a medium tint, but it has a purplish shade to it. My fitter put a couple of samples on the rear window for me to chose from. I went for a dark tint( in between medium and limo black), and it looks good from the outside. From the inside it is a shade darker, but I didn't think the medium would stop prying eyes from looking in the boot. The tint also doesn't have the purple shade to it, but this again is only noticeable from inside.
  18. When you fill the tank until the pump cuts out at the filling station, you have filled the tank and the pipework from the tank to the filler cap. The first bar on the gauge will always take more miles to use as you are using the fuel in the pipe, before any of the tank capacity is used. It is a fairly long pipe on the IQ as the tank is under the floor. I would imagine it holds a few litres of fuel. The rest of the bars on the fuel gauge will be fairly linear, as they are reading just the tank capacity being used at regualar intervals. Simple really
  19. I have 17" wheels with 215/40X17 tyres on mine. I don't get any rubbing. I wouldn't want to go any bigger, if anything I think 16" wheels would be the best compromise. You could fit 18's but most of them are 8" wide, and you will struggle to fit them in the arches. You would also need a 30/35 profile tyre, which would make the IQ a real handful with tramlinning on rough roads. The tyre are also really expensive. Choose a nice 17" wheel you like, and slap them on. It will look great.
  20. Mine is not affected either. Seems the problem is not as widespread as the media would like us to believe
  21. timcrasher

    Iq Flat Tyre

    You are right. You don'y want to be driving anywhere on that tyre. I got a punture shortly after getting my car, but I managed to get it sorted when I got to work, so I was ok. With more and more cars coming without a spare tyre things like this are more common. Changing a wheel is a pain, but fixing the tyre with the sealant kit, and then not being any better off is a nightmare. I had problems getting a replacement tyre at the time, but I hope you get sorted out ok.
  22. You should have no problems running an induction kit. I used various types that I developed over the 3 year period I had my Aygo. You will use slightly more fuel though. This is purely due to the fact that you will find it hard to resist hard throttle openings to hear the loverly induction roar.
  23. I like pic 11 in the instructions. That would act as a snow scoop at the minute :D
  24. I can see what you mean about the air feed. I take it you are planning to add some sort of ducting to direct air at the filter. But that is not always a good thing. Blitz would have done a fair amount of development probably including dyno/ road testing. Most people assume like yourself ( no offense meant )that if you duct air directly into or onto the filter you get better airflow, which increases performance. However if you get the wrong kind of air ie: turbulant air from a ducted source, it can have a negative effect. If like the Blitz design, you place the filter in an area of stiller den
  25. It looks quite neat. Seems alot of money for what you get though. I made a replacement airbox for the Aygo out of pre-pregnated carbon cloth, formed over a mould and baked in a vacumm bag in a oven. It worked really well and looked cool. I plan to do something similar with my IQ. There are some pics in the Aygo forum of the other one. I have made a mould for some mirror covers. When I get time I will make some carbon covers. I am also trying to get hold of a s/h bonnet, so that I can mould a carbon copy with a air scoop in for the new airbox design.
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