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  1. did it. once i worked out how to do it, it only took 5mins. the mirror tip was a good one and those pics helped too. :) thank you all very much. :)
  2. thank you all for your help. will try again 2moro and let you know how i get on.
  3. Hi folks. my Aygo headlight bulb has just blown and trying to change the thing is getting very frustrating. I've managed to get the connector off and the rubber cover but trying to release the bulb retaining spring is proving difficult. The fact that there isn't much room to play with doesn't help. Anyone done this recently?? i'm hoping someone can offer me a some advice on what initially looked a fairly easy job. don't want to have to go to Mr T and end up being charged the earth. :( help please!!!! :(
  4. thanks for that. i'll have a look.
  5. ok folks probably a silly question but, i'll ask anyway. was wondering if it's possible to retro-fit electrics mirrors to the Aygo. on my Aygo diesel the little joytick thingy seems to move a lot without the mirror actually moving very much. i use the car to teach in so the mirrors need to be moved regularly. apart from that minor niggle i love the car. :)
  6. the button on my would not release after pressing it in. foned MR T, took it in and they replaced it with a new one in 30 mins. works perfectly now. is a known problem they said.
  7. just bought my Aygo diesel and first impressions are good. regarding the digital fuel readout, when the last black bar flashes how much fuel is left? :)
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