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  1. Anyone swapped out the standard headunit for one with Android Auto built in? And if so, do the steering wheel controls still work? Thinking of upgrading on my T Sport (2004 facelift) TIA
  2. Had an A'PEXI induction kit on mine for the last 10 years or so, can highly recommend
  3. Welcome to the 200+ club! (BHP that is not MPH :P )
  4. Couple of shots from my track day I was leading the pack (not on a sighting lap or anything!) And the reason for wanting springs and a rear ARB.... Toyota's stock suspension is rubbish for track purposes!
  5. Hmm may consider a rear arb too then! The amount of roll was unbelievable! I'll post a pic up from the track day when i get home that illustrates it perfectly! lol
  6. Hmm.... can't say i was convinced by my Falkens at a track day last weekend Not sure i want to go all out for the R888's tho, thinking i may get some R1R's Firstly i need to sort out the huge amount of body roll tho!
  7. Better late than never! When? Unless you fancy a track day at Blyton Park end of April? Couple of spaces going spare...
  8. Always knew Typhoons were the wrong choice...... :P
  9. The 1.33 engine in the Auris was pathetic... too small an engine for a car it's size
  10. Do they?? Mine claims "Maintenance Free"
  11. Nothing that TOC's organising as far as i know. But i'm helping organise one at Blyton Park 28th April if you're interested?
  12. Think i was the first person on here to get an A'PEXi from them! Delivery is somewhere between 4-6 weeks and you may or may not end up getting hit by customs charges. I've had the A'PEXi for 4ish years i think. Never had any issues, the filter beats the K&N in filtration tests and it won't stretch your MAF wires like the K&N as it sits it in roughly the same position as your airbox. Only downside is the fitting instructions are in japanese :P
  13. Good luck with the insurance on that! Welcome to the club though
  14. TOYOTA CONFIRMS OPEN-TOP GT 86 ...but its not saying when it'll happen We presume Toyota will do a better job than this... Toyota looks set to add wind-ruffling sideways fun to the GT 86 by creating a roadster version of the rear-drive sports car. ...And with its roof... Speaking to German car magazine Auto Bild, chief programme engineer for the GT 86 Tetsuya Tada, said that "the GT 86 was designed from the outset that we can build it as a convertible". But although we know it's hapopening, Toyota has not yet decided when we'll see it. So the lid will be coming down, but it seems as if the price could well go up - Auto Bild reckons on around 35K euros (£29K), which would make it a fair bit more than the £24,995 ToMoCo is going to charge for the coupe. In which case we hope it looks a little better than our ham-fisted Photoshop job...