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  1. Tazzie, Thanks very much for this. Recently had a ride in an MR2 which has, I think, much the same 1.8 VVTi engine. Again, same problem. So, as you say, I guess they all do it a bit. The engine's quick and fun but you'd never mistake it for a really smooth unit! Both problems might be related to the aircon. I used to have this on all the time, including when starting the car. Have recently been turning off aircon when not needed (and when starting) and it's started perfectly ever since. Also noticed that the juddering is quite a lot worse with aircon on (and cooling) than off. This could be due to it loading the engine or, from what I've read elsewhere on the net - bottom of http://www.2carpros.com/topics/ac.htm - , to the aircon system needing topping up (possible) or to the aircon compressor being faulty (unlikely, on a newish car). Thanks, Mark.
  2. Hi, Have owned a 51 plate 1.8VVTI Avensis for a year or so. Am happy with the car but have noticed that, on some days, the car judders a bit on hard acceleration. Worst tends to be when it's pulling hard at mid-high revs, especially if uphill. Feels a bit like wheel balancing but isn't since it stops when I back off the accelerator. Seems to be related to how hard the engine's pulling. Engine feels pretty nippy and runs smoothly at all other times including tickover. Not sure if this is connected but, once every two months or so, the engine will take 2-3 seconds of cranking to start and, when it does fire up it will run a bit roughly for 1-2 seconds before settling down and running ok. Then, generally, it will run very well with no juddering at all for a week or so. Then, the juddering starts to get worse over the next few weeks until, about 8 weeks later, it takes longer to start, etc. Starts quickly at all other times. Hmmm... Ideas anyone? Thanks.
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