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  1. I was going to fit parking sensors to my Rav, but could not be rrrs'd taking the rear bumper off so I thought I would give a reversing camera a try instead. There are plenty to be had, especially on fleabay, but the type I was looking at was in Maplins for £140. A bit expensive compared to the fleabay type which are wired. I say wired because this type have a connection between camera and screen, which I did not want. I ended up with a cordless kit from Costco intended for the American market, price £50 + VAT. So here goes, first of all I trial kitted the parts to batt
  2. Safe for now...... He's away erectin a 5 foot fence round his garden.........if he cannae see oot, he thinks we cannae see in.........Baby Ostrich Syndrome (B.O.S...........) 5 feet............. height or girth ?
  3. Be interesting to see how far off topic this thread goes before it gets Removed Yonder by a 54 bowling ball.
  4. Favourite group, Baws Scaggs ? I'll just Lido Shuffle off. Withheld.
  5. Have to see it in the flesh, but Jag don't bad cars so I expect it too be good.
  6. Unwrapped- http://images.cdn.autocar.co.uk/sites/autocar.co.uk/files/imagecache/article_image_480/CX17-LA1_0.jpg
  7. White SR, don't know if they still do it Charlie but I've bought previous cars from uncle Arnold that have been At other branches which they ship to your local one. http://www.arnoldclark.com/used-cars/toyota/rav-4/2.2-d-cat-sr-5dr-auto/2011-(11)/ref/arndx-u-5026/
  8. I stand corrected o great king of parts and pies. That was the 2.4d not the 2.5 d4d the OP has enquired aboutYes well as you can see I did actually manage to read Kingos post as well.
  9. Another point to consider if you go for the old heavies, you need to cut / modify the plastic protectors underneath. Oops min........new wan on me........no comprende.......what plastic? On the 4.3 there is a small amount of cutting of the plastic undertrays to be done to allow the support rails to be bolted to the underside of the body. Not sure if same on 4.4........See page 4 of attached PDF Indeed, a bit of cutting to be done. If you opt for the stylish ones, you just remove one clip, slacken off a plastic nut and slip the long angle bracket underneath the plastic covers. Then re-tighte
  10. Guess it depends on the vintage of engine you are considering. One of my work colleagues dabbled a bit in buying/selling older 4X4's. He experienced cracked heads twice, so never touched another. Said he started reading up on them and reckoned it could be common. As the saying goes, ye pays yer money..................................
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