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  1. I was going to fit parking sensors to my Rav, but could not be rrrs'd taking the rear bumper off so I thought I would give a reversing camera a try instead. There are plenty to be had, especially on fleabay, but the type I was looking at was in Maplins for £140. A bit expensive compared to the fleabay type which are wired. I say wired because this type have a connection between camera and screen, which I did not want. I ended up with a cordless kit from Costco intended for the American market, price £50 + VAT. So here goes, first of all I trial kitted the parts to batteries to find best position of camera and rear view I wanted. I used bluetak and had the camera pointing straight back, which gave a perfect view of everything behind me, but not what I really wanted. Only need a view of the area right at the crown of the bumper which as you know is quite difficult to judge in your 4.3. So changed position of camera to facing down at approx 15 degree angle which was ideal for what I wanted. So fitting procedure, first carefully remove rear door interior trim, and disconnect the useless courtesy light and peel back the polythene like so - Put your hand inside and disconnect the plug for the number plate lights. Then loosen the 3 off 10 MM nuts that hold the exterior trim with number plate lights, go round to outside of door and carefully pop the 5 clips still holding the trim on. Your door will then look like this- Next is the camera itself I painted it silver as I did not know how much of it I was going to have showing. But as it turned out I needn't have bothered. Anyway the thing is designed to fit big American number plates so you need to trim of some of the excess plastic. - Now using a hole saw drill a hole in the trim between the two number plate lights, if your handy you can then elongate the hole a bit. If not use a file. - Next fit the camera through the hole tilting it to one side (the rear facing side) keep masking tape on the lens at this stage to stop scratches. I was giong to make some fancy brackets to attach the camera, but its not neccessary. Just used some big dollops of mastic glue as you can see in this messy photo. - Ok when glue is hard, re-fit the number plate trim, feed the cable through the grommet hole for the lights into back door cavity. Screw the 10 MM nuts back in place and clean off any x/s glue, so back door should now look like this.- In drivers side of boot area, remove the trim which allows access to replace rear light bulbs. Using a piece of wire, thread the camera cable from rear door cavity, through the rubber flexible conduit into the area you removed access trim from. In the next photo you will see a piece of plastic flexible trunking, there is a split in it. Open it up and seperate the two red wires. Using a test lamp, with car in reverse and ignition on, find which one of the two is the reversing light cable. When done connect the red wire from camera to this wire, I have temporarilly used a crappy scotch connector as I forgot who I have loaned my soldering Iron and the James Hunt hasn't returned it. Next connect the black wire from camera to earth. Ok thats the hard bit done, clip all your wires and re-fit trim panels. Remember to re-connect your number plate light plug and interior light. Now to the screen, its about the size of a Tom Tom and quite light. I haven't made final decision as to where I'm putting it. So temporarilly its stuck to my sun visor and wired to vanity mirror light, but I have to change this as that is a permanent live. The problem is getting it out of sight in case some little pikey barsteward thinks its a satnav and tries to steal it. So need to think about that, but maybe sunvisor is best place for it. Anyway looks like this. - As you can or cant see on photo, image is very clear. The view I wanted was of the edge of middle of bumper and about three feet back as you can see in photo roughly the size of the slabs. But thats my preference, the screen is also adjustable to get mirror image, brightness and contrast etc. So for £50 well worth it and easy to fit, jobs a good un
  2. Safe for now...... He's away erectin a 5 foot fence round his garden.........if he cannae see oot, he thinks we cannae see in.........Baby Ostrich Syndrome (B.O.S...........) 5 feet............. height or girth ?
  3. Be interesting to see how far off topic this thread goes before it gets Removed Yonder by a 54 bowling ball.
  4. Favourite group, Baws Scaggs ? I'll just Lido Shuffle off. Withheld.
  5. Have to see it in the flesh, but Jag don't bad cars so I expect it too be good.
  6. Unwrapped- http://images.cdn.autocar.co.uk/sites/autocar.co.uk/files/imagecache/article_image_480/CX17-LA1_0.jpg
  7. White SR, don't know if they still do it Charlie but I've bought previous cars from uncle Arnold that have been At other branches which they ship to your local one. http://www.arnoldclark.com/used-cars/toyota/rav-4/2.2-d-cat-sr-5dr-auto/2011-(11)/ref/arndx-u-5026/
  8. I stand corrected o great king of parts and pies. That was the 2.4d not the 2.5 d4d the OP has enquired aboutYes well as you can see I did actually manage to read Kingos post as well.
  9. Another point to consider if you go for the old heavies, you need to cut / modify the plastic protectors underneath. Oops min........new wan on me........no comprende.......what plastic? On the 4.3 there is a small amount of cutting of the plastic undertrays to be done to allow the support rails to be bolted to the underside of the body. Not sure if same on 4.4........See page 4 of attached PDF Indeed, a bit of cutting to be done. If you opt for the stylish ones, you just remove one clip, slacken off a plastic nut and slip the long angle bracket underneath the plastic covers. Then re-tighten the plastic nut, re-fit the clip. Funnily enough though, Chaps, if you look at the installation manuals for both types, the oldies are quoted as 9.8 Kg and the stylish are 23 Kg........A typo surely.
  10. Guess it depends on the vintage of engine you are considering. One of my work colleagues dabbled a bit in buying/selling older 4X4's. He experienced cracked heads twice, so never touched another. Said he started reading up on them and reckoned it could be common. As the saying goes, ye pays yer money..................................
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