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  1. As great as it would be to have the turbo engine in the Aygo that is an error. The 1.2 from the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 is offered in the Aygo in some countries but it is a non-turbo with 82hp.
  2. It's the Peugeot/Citroen 1.2 petrol engine that Toyota offer in other markets. I think the 1.0 already in the new Aygo is the Atkinson variant.
  3. I have Climate Control on my X-cite 2 (not in the brochure but is on my registration document. I guess because it's blue and the first ones where orange). It came as part of the X-tra convenience pack with keyless entry, auto headlights and a boot light. It isn't an option you can specify on its own.
  4. I think it's the condensation from the a/c unit John. It only happens when the a/c is switched on. I've not found anyone else who's had the same problem on any internet searches. Looks like a one off, fortunate for everyone else, not so much for me.
  5. Thanks Craig, I replaced the filter a few months back. Took it out and it was fine. Managed to find the drain tube, it's a spout in the engine compartment roughly in the middle at the bottom of the bulkhead. Could just about see it by looking diagonally down to the left from the battery. Tried to take a photo of it but couldnt get it to show up. I jacked the car up on the passenger side and there was water dripping out of the spout. Thought (hoped!) jacking it up may have sorted the problem but it didn't, the water was flowing into the drivers footwell instead. Going to have to take a trip to
  6. Thanks Soeley, John, I spent some more time looking this afternoon. The air con seems to be the culprit! With it on water is leaking in through one of the sealed joints on the floor. It's also dripping underneath at multiple points. Going to put it up on axle stands tomorrow and see what's going on underneath.
  7. Hi everyone, I've been a lurker on here for quite some time, had my 2009 iQ3 for over a year now and love it! Unfortunately in the past couple of weeks it's decided to add an extra feature that I'm not keen on. I noticed the passenger mat was wet, didn't think too much of it initially, but pulled that up to find the carpet underneath was wetter. I pulled the carpet up and the soundproofing underneath was totally drenched with water. It was the same on the driver's side but not to the same extent. I took the carpets up, removed the sound proofing and dried everything out. Tried googling to
  8. My partner is just about to buy a second hand iQ and as long as the stamps are in the service book then we don't care if they are Toyota or another garage. I'm guessing a lot of people are the same or don't even look at the service book before buying. The same with trading in, I have never been asked to show the book or inform the dealer whether it was manufacturer or non-manufacturer serviced and because of the block exemption rules it shouldn't matter. The smart we're getting rid of has been serviced by a specialist since new as I had very bad experiences with Mercedes main dealers with m
  9. I agree with everyone else. I don't think we are being short-changed at all with the iQ spec. If you look at something like the Ka it can't have some of the items which are standard in the iQ and iQ2 yet isn't that much cheaper. Yes the colours are limited but the ones that are available look great and the White is a pearlescent colour. I think the biggest thing is that the Aygo and Yaris are the models to compare to other car models. The iQ sits in it's own slot effectively.
  10. If you don't need to access the box that often you may be able to fit in under the replacement stereo behind the fascia.
  11. That's a good point, services 1, 2 and 3 are the same on the Aygo but you will need a brake fluid change in year 2 but best to check that it is covered by the service schedule.
  12. The service interval on the car is 1 year or 10,000 miles which ever occurs sooner. You need to have it serviced at those intervals to keep the Toyota warranty. With the mileage you are doing you will need to have a service every year so it depends on how long you are keeping the car on whether the service package deal is worth it.
  13. bradburyss


    You should be able to get the bulbs from Halfords. Have a look in their styling department.
  14. bradburyss

    Aygo+ Mmt

    Hello, that is risky buying a car without driving it but hopefully you should love the Aygo. There is a gear display on the dashboard next to the fuel gauge which tells you what gear you are in.
  15. OK, the only thing I would be concerned about it mounting it back correctly. I used to work in a car garage and our technician needed to be qualified to take steering wheels off because of the airbags and the risk if you do it wrong.
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