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  1. Happy Birthday PaulWorthing!

  2. Oh I know my limitations - and I don't like to get my hands dirty. I make a mean cake and cups of tea tho!
  3. And I'd like the springs but knowing my limitations they would never get fitted . . . .
  4. HAHA - that'll teach you - Mind you I guess this place is all about helping each other out with advise and tips etc so it is to be expected (just glad my dials are already a nice amber/orange colour! LOL)
  5. I don't like leather but makes me wish I had gone for it on mine now . . .
  6. Well as soon as I have the pennies to get the DRL etc. then I will let you know and maybe see about sorting something out - but if the mini meet happens before that then count me in too!
  7. PaulWorthing

    Seeing Red

    What size alloys are those and have you had your IQ lowered too?
  8. So depending on the fitting costs - its not too many pennies then . .
  9. Tarquin - so what kinda prices are the DRL's that you have fitted (bearing in mind I have no DIY skills so you would need to factor in you fitting them too ;-) )
  10. Not bad just not sure about the colour scheme of it
  11. Tarquin - have you ever put DRL's into the lower grill where the fog's would be if I had bought a 2?
  12. Have to say that I would consider the flocking of the central binnacle as when the sun shines on it it is very reflective and distracting
  13. Hot Lava sounds so much more funky . . . .
  14. Yeah I wanna have DRL's so would love to see what they look like and if Tarquin fancies doing it to an Orange one . . . . ;-)
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