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  1. Hi all I have used both of these & replaced lots of tyres that have been repaired with both the plugs and the string, and in my opinion the string type is the only one I would used because it is designed too not only plug irregular shaped holes but the glue on the cords vulcanize the string too the tyre making a very reliable and permanant repair.
  2. Hi every one & happy newyear Before this topic goes sidewoods. let me just say toyota admitted it was wronge of them too disable certain functions on the satnav/radio hense if you bye the later "toyota E11 upgrade dvd`s" not only does this give you the new maps you also get a firmware update installed which enables all the previously dissabled functions. If you bye one off ebay ect make sure you bye the western europe disc. regards...ian
  3. those tyres wont fit your t180 wheels unless you remove the support ring sytem, I was told by a very good tyre shop owner that the inside of the tyre bead is not flat enough to seat the support ring, Having said that if you fit the reinforced side wall runflats you should have no problem dumping the support rings.......let us know how you get on if you go with the kumho.
  4. Hi all I just double checked and it could be either 00-06 2 ltr 1AZ-FE = chain 00-06 1.8 ltr 1ZZ-FE = chain 94-00 2 ltr 3S-FE = belt so they all could be right.
  5. HI all A few months ago the tpms light started flashing on & off on my t180 indicating a fault & not a flat I took it to mr T how pluged in his box of tricks and promply replied your off side rear valve is knacked which means Ormi gets my vote :D :D :D
  6. AVIVA is what used to be norwitch union direct, Who used too be quite a good brocker but then got a realy bad reputation for excessively high renewal prices " mine in 2001 went from £270 too £480 and the asian customer service people had the attitude if you dont like it go someware else " which I did and I wont go back to them..
  7. eanjohn

    Need Help

    BLIMEY :o I have found three spares in the fuse box I put the on ebay :D THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE HELP,,,,,,Ian
  8. eanjohn

    Need Help

    thanks for all help :D I found the problem when i replaced the am2 fuse it pushed one of contact down and was not completing circuit :D new i should have spent more ime on the last thing i touched....thanks again lads ps still got reverse buzzer screeming when i put it in reverse but i'll leave that to mr`t now...Ian
  9. eanjohn

    Need Help

    morning anchorman yes its definately were it should be, thats why i only pulled one at a time.? :(
  10. eanjohn

    Need Help

    yes tryed that, i have got no power to the dash except imobilizer flashing red every 3 seconds the key fob wont operate the interiar lights as you aproach the car or open/lock doors using buttons? thanks keep thinking
  11. eanjohn

    Need Help

    Hi shcm yes did read that and tryed sitting in car opening doors ect but there is still no light on the start button, also tryed disconecting battery for half hour and still nothing, i`ve just tested that am2 fuse for current and its got 12v going through it, its as if the car has been imobalized, you know like after being rear ended or rolling the car
  12. eanjohn

    Need Help

    Hi Yes i tested with metre and its ok? the book does say that if the battery dies the car might nead to be normalized before it will start but i cant find out how, the start button is lifeless? :(
  13. eanjohn

    Need Help

    What was the reason for removing the fuse? i was pulling fuses one by one too to find which one was used for the reverse sencors, and when i got too the am2 (7.5amp) fuse every thing died and did not come back on when i replaced the fuse, I have tested all vis fues under the bonnet and all ok??? :(
  14. eanjohn

    Need Help

    HI all i`ve just removed and replaced a 7.5 amp fuse from passenger side fuse box (am2) and it`s killed all the ellectric, the only sign of life is the red emobleizer light flashing? the car wont do any thing,,,,,,,thanks inadvance :(
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