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  1. Andy ,got to the heater gear ,how can I check the flaps?
  2. Thanks Andy,will have a look tomorrrow,I did think this way ,but thought I'd try the forum first .Ihave had some realy good tips from you guys,Roger
  3. Don't suppose it could be tranferbox fluid levels,Is it a manual or auto box?
  4. Hi every body,I,m having difficulty getting any "blowing power" from my hi lus surf heater.where is this heat pump switch ,is it the engine idle speed swicht or something else,Why is there no force to the air flow .The fan is definitly blowing full wack .1993 hi lux surf thanks anybody
  5. Andy ,thanks for that brilliant pics .and much appreciated Roger :
  6. any info on changing water pump on Surf 1993 2.4 td please
  7. Andy,thanks for that link its brilliant ,sorry for a late reply but been away a couple of weeks .Roger
  8. XENOMORPH ....ok so its not in the zoo...its an alian beast but at least we can finish this subject.....and this is my 100thpost yipee!!!
  9. Quacking Duck (one more reply and I'm on my 100th post,it gets quite addictive doesn't it)
  10. May all your Toyota wishes come true.Happy Birthday LES
  11. My own experiance when I sold a quad on Ebay .Same thing happened via the Irish buyers.Imust admit I was very apprehencive,when the guy offered full money but wanted me to ship it.Any way I asked for a Bankers draught and that was to clear first.All went well with the sale,got my money ok....draft arrived ,phoned bank of Ireland to verify the issue every thing 100% ,shipped the bike by Cooper carrier service,he arranged this.I put the bike on a pallet....gone.I was happy, He was Happy ...THEN THE TROUBLE STARTED>>>>>THis was my first Ebay sale and AS soon as the sale ended I was scammed I had a message to say I had breached ebay rules and they would only re enstate me until I filled in the form with my security details.I started to do this It asked for National insurance details and realised it was a scam.Over the next week they tried 36 times for the same stuff,WHAT I DID....changed my security and checked my Ebay &paypal accounts ALL OK>but still kept getting SPAM REQUESTS>>>>>ALL I DID WAS ...send the spam stuff to spam@ebay OR spam@paypal eventualy it stopped.BE AWARE of EBAY SCAM.THey always start of Dear Ebay Member...etc genuine Ebay mail ALWAYS addresses you by your ebay ID.....eg.......DEAR John57....AND niether EBAY or PAYPAL will EVER ask you for security details YOU HAVE TO CONTACT THEM ...............Hope this long winded topics helps some of you.Rog.....Ps scam stuff usualy appears in your bulk email.Iam 70 years old ,it was a very harrowing experiance for me SO BEWARE
  12. Sorted..somebody had wired it up direct to the side lights without a switch
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