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  1. actually ive been wondering this also
  2. i did mine on the 28th online,granted i dont live in the u.k.however i found it really easy to use.it's a bit creepy though when all your personal info comes up on your pc screen.
  3. 15"s are the ultimate size for handeling and acceleration on a starlet,as was said already the bigger you go the more your performance will be affected........
  4. same story,here but to be honest i just decided after a couple of weeks,to just name it spidey and get on with things
  5. yeah i got it too today,but i bounced it right back at the sad little muppet from my pop server and blacklisted him. i would'nt be to worried though the guy couldnt even manage to spell hacker right in his e-mail address.
  6. dont get me started on those !Removed! things.every night at the back of my place you have gangs of youths setting them off from about six to half one maybe two in the morning.and to make matters worse they are illeagl over here,yet everyone knows the shops that sell them,but do the law do any thing about them,the shops and the little %$(ers setting them off..........nah that might mean actually haveing to fill in some paper work or some thing.yet like lord_ed said it'll take a few blown off hands before anything is done about it.like i said earlier it's every single night up here not just once a year or whatever and i for one am sick of the !Removed! noise let alone the poor dog's.
  7. yup it is but this is the internet mate,this kind of stuff will happen.if you think it's right or wrong it doesnt matter,it'll happen anyway and has been happening since the internet became available to the public. we all do it mate even you i bet,look my avater and sig are prolonged(i love that word :P ),i didnt make them nor do i have permission to use them just like the gran turismo logo in your sig,unless of course you got permission from polygon to use one of their copyrighted logos that is
  8. all i want to know is, a:will we actually see them killing the bad guys,unlike the t.v. shows shoot until they give up cliche. & b:will they have that pony tail guy on the team?
  9. chelsea and whenever ive time i go out to watch my local side cork city play...
  10. i took all of them off mine,it made it look much cleaner.those stickers are pretty tacy anyway so it's no great loss.
  11. both of mine come in,you might have a broken motor on the mirror
  12. why not just go to "Overdrive" @ Mondello 26th Sep.most of the toyota-irl crew will be there
  13. it's a glanza v mate,it's the normal turbo glanza(ep91)
  14. the burbmobile and chavdog this years must have chav accessories ;)
  15. i dont know if the one's you mentioned will fit,but clear repeaters can be got,ive posted piccies up here before with glanza's (ep91) that have them and it's been discussed plenty of other times here aswell. if your really in a rush and cant wait for someone else to post up the details try searching the fourm useing the search thingy at the bottom of the page.also i had one of my orange one's broken and the third party company that made the replacement also makes clear one's,i'll let you know tomorrow the name if your still looking.i'd do it now but it's pitch black and pouring rain outside at the mo,sorry bud.
  16. thanx for the nice comment yeah i probably will miss it ,lol
  17. well theres nothing wrong with it,but it's just that ive had it two years now so,just wanna get something a bit more powerfull,im looking for levins or trueno's,maybe even a two.... but im definately going to hang onto it until i find exatcly the right car im looking for B) thank for the nice comment by the way
  18. i still have a prime in my attic :D ,but ive also got a grimlock on top of my p.c., & i reckon he'd take prime one on one no prob ,lol
  19. funnel web.... alright maybe their not so evil so to speak,but look at those fangs man, i would not like to meet one of those bad boy's & if by some bizzare chance i did,i swear to god i'd be running the 500 meters in a new world record time.lol that cactus story was cool even if it is a myth
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