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  1. Ah cool, may get them then. Yes, those are the ones. They stick to the metal part with self adhesive velcro tabs (supplied). There are outline marks on the cover to place the pieces of velcro. Cost £39.02 Link https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-aftercare/accessories#/ I will post some pics tomorrow.
  2. My partner has the Aygo X Edge manual in cardamom green with canvas roof - she loves it. Handles very well, much better drive than the Mk2 aygo - quieter, more refined and better handling and lots of kit. She's getting 55-61 MPG mix of rural and town driving (not hypermiling). She's not fussed on the lane keep assist and she doesn't like the high clutch but that is common on a manual Aygo. I've fitted a wireless CarPlay dongle, MagSafe wireless charger (wired CarPlay is standard on this version), boot protector and rear seat protector. I'm thinking about getting a mudguard set for the winter but not sure if they make much difference.
  3. I’m not sure of the output of the Toyota charger but the sync wire one listed above is on amazon (spec below). Would be worth asking the author of the original thread what he thinks of that solution. 【30W PD& 30W QC Fast Charing:】: USB-C port supports PD3.0 and USB-A port supports QC3.0, the output is maxed up to 30W when plug in any port alone and 24W maximum when charging 2 ports simultaneously. This in car charger will automatically adapt the output to each port accordingly, you can quickly complete charging while on the go
  4. I've gone the solution at the end of the thread below on my partners car (Edge model - it doesn't have wireless charging). It works fine although not as sleek as an inbuilt unit. Only just installed and not done any long drives but should have good performance from the lighter adaptor. Also bought a wireless CarPlay adaptor (Edge has wired CP as standard). That works pretty well through bluetooth.
  5. Nice one! We are collecting ours at the end of the week. Didnt know about the wireless android auto. The edge model we ordered is wired CarPlay anyway. I’ve bought a wireless CarPlay dongle so will try it out at the weekend.
  6. Ordered April 12th. Arrived at Derby a few days ago. ETA to the dealer has now changed to Tuesday 21st June on the backend data. Hopefully get it by the end of next week but we will see.
  7. Try something like autosmart g101 with hot water and a scrubbing brush. Would be worth looking on detailing world forums too. https://www.google.com/search?q=oil+stains+seat+site%3Awww.detailingworld.co.uk&client=safari&rls=en&biw=1694&bih=964&sxsrf=ALiCzsb5YiLWaPf40j_Gk6LsL6yy8qUZrg%3A1655111521844&ei=Yf-mYrqbM8mO8gKP_6agDA&ved=0ahUKEwj6z8ryiqr4AhVJh1wKHY-_CcQQ4dUDCA0&uact=5&oq=oil+stains+seat+site%3Awww.detailingworld.co.uk&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EANKBAhBGABKBAhGGABQAFinIWCzJWgAcAB4AIABPIgBugOSAQE4mAEAoAEBwAEB&sclient=gws-wiz https://autosmart.co.uk/shop/g101-5l
  8. It comes with a space saver spare wheel unless you have the pano roof option.
  9. That's really bad, no reason it should be there for that long. I guess I will expect it will arrive at the dealer no earlier than 4th July then.
  10. My partners Aygo X arrived at the Toyota UK Distribution Centre in Derby today. ETA to dealer is still showing as 4th July but hopefully will get it a bit sooner than that.
  11. I think your dealer has to set it up for you.
  12. Yes, they are comfy. I have a 2014 mk2 and done long trips e.g. North Wales to Edinburgh, without any discomfort.
  13. My partner ordered an Aygo X Edge manual in cardamom green and canvas roof on 12th April. The car was built a couple of weeks ago, has left the factory and now in transit in France. ETA at dealer is 4th July from the backend data on the website. My Yaris design with pano roof on the other hand was ordered 13th March but ETA is December/January.
  14. I've got a westfalia towbar on my 2014 mk2 aygo with 13 pin electrics fitted. Works well with my Thule easyfold xt towbar rack and I can fold that up and put it in the boot when out on the bikes. I can get 2 29er/700c bikes (mid drive conversions) on it. It does make the back end sag with the weight so I use rubber spring spacers in the suspension springs to increase the ride height at the back. The car will be gone by the end of the year with new Yaris mk4 so will look for a similar solution for once I get the car.
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