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  1. Just used this method on a Mk2 Yaris, the retaining bolts are inside the backing plate so no external hitting option as per the original post. Worked a treat. 30 minutes a side. Also used 10mm jacking screws to jack the drum off, also a time saver using the two holes visable once the wheel removed. Thanks OP
  2. Thanks, it's a late 2006 model. I guess the filter is on the bulkhead behind the battery.
  3. Hi Yaris cut out a second time today, I've ordered a new fuel filter, can anyone tell me where it is and a quick guide on how to change it. I've done a search but can't find anything, also tried the manual links on here but they just cover the petrol model. Thanks.
  4. I gave up with the Yaris D4D early last winter as it wasn't safe on snow or ice. Then someone suggested winter tyres, I only got 2 at first it was then like a wonky shopping trolley to drive. I then got all 4 it transformed the car. I'm running Verdestin 3 snow and mud for the 2nd winter now. Very glad I got them put on last week I just use the standard alloys.
  5. The first 4 items were VOSA, but done in two hits, both were doubled up, what concerns me is that it's all safety equipment bar the pedal issue. Anyway still love the 55mpg and leather seats.
  6. Front suspension bush and rear brake imbalance.
  7. Now on my 5th for my 56 plate Yaris Front / Rear Headrests Airbags may not deploy fully. Seatbelt pretensioner Steering Column Now the pedal fiasco. Add this to failed 1st MOT 1.4 d4d is superb though, just a little worried about long term.
  8. On a car with no temperature gauge I don't think this is wise. I'd rather be cold.
  9. It's no help but my 07 diesel is the same, 10 miles to get warm, worse in this weather.
  10. After a shocking drive home yesterday, decided to fit these anyway as I had 4 brand new ones sitting in the shed. They do fit but I only fitted two last night 205's are OK on the 5.5" alloys just according to the tyre calculator. The RR goes up but only 3mph at 70 which will correct my speedo as it's 3mph out to 80 anyway. No rubbing but they are too big for the car. Will run them this winter to get my moneys worth. Thanks for the replies.
  11. Do you think 205/60 by 15" tyres would run Ok on the new Yaris ( 06 on) I have some winter tyres from another car.
  12. Have tried pm the guy on here but he didn't reply so has anyone bought the specific one recently at a discounted price.
  13. Hi I'd like to attend a first meet, where and when.
  14. Thanks, that was the answer I was looking for, have ordered a digital unit from the guy in Arbroath
  15. This is the response i got from a guy selling them in the US. "The PowerBox CR consists of a microprocessor and an integrated circuit consisting of a few capacitors and resistor. The microprocessor controls all data flow. The power gain is somewhat linear with acceleration and increases as speed increases throughout the accelaration range. Only the adjustment is analog. Power adjustments can be easily made using a micro flat tip screwdriver. We also have the fully digital PowerBox CRplus. This PowerBox is programmed a little differently in that the performance gain varies on demand, making it the better choice for savings in fuel economy. While the "standard" CR is a very good unit and provides adequate power and savings in fuel, the CRplus is capable of producing greater power for higher top-end speed." Looking at the above I'm tempted by the digital unit. Just wondered if anyone has one fitted.
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