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  1. car is now sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. does anyone want these cxarina e morettes last 50 mins left and ive since found the instructions morette headlights
  3. im selling the rest of my car now on ebay took the parts i wanted of still a lot of car left carina e grti
  4. few more bits on ebay dial surround silver center console silver painted dial surround
  5. moretesreduced by 50 quid 1 day auction only morettes reduced
  6. last 20 mins for the morette headlights morettes
  7. hi m8 most celica wheels will fit the carina and avensis you could go 17 but i think 16inch is perfect ive got a set on my carina gt that im selling good condition and the front tyres are like new back ones have plenty left in them no buckles and only have a few parking scrapes will be posting them on ebay soon
  8. JNR

    Body Mods

    still got the gt currently breaking it but still got all the main bits on car apart from the lights n grill still starts and drives ahh i see you just bought the grill m8 hehe nice 1 heres a couple of pics of it a few months back after a polish its a bit faded now the paint but comes up good with a buff
  9. hi m8 think thats a common problem and if i remember right it was a spring that was broken on the door lock for the central locking or could have been the central door motor inside your door
  10. JNR

    Body Mods

    ive got a few modified parts on ebay but not bodykits modified lights and nice blue side repeaters make your carina really stand out check out here morette headlights back lights blue side indicators grill front turn signals fogs theres a few more bit n bobs to come aswell check out the other items 2 the morette lights are really amazing will also be a nice set of 16 inch rims going up soon
  11. hi everyone im breaking my carina e gti and got a few bits on fleabay heres a link to 1 of them then you can look through my other things for sale will also have 16 inch rims for sale with nearly new tyres soon morette headlights thanks for looking all and remember a lot of the engine parts fit some celicas i know the wheels will when i put them up my superstrut number 1 arm with the figure of eight not the banana arm has only done about 30.000 miles so still a bit left in them will get them up soon aswell cheers jay
  12. JNR


    managed to fit this 2 weeks ago in the pouring freezing rain hehe thx for your replys lads :D its running better than ever now
  13. JNR


    thanks for yourreplys lads ok one more question if anyone can help ive got most bits of camshaft manifold altenator etc im ive only to remove one bolt and thats the crankshaft bolt how do i remove it without the crankshaft moving its on there pretty tight heres a picture of it
  14. hi m8 they are a good reliable car and pretty solid only things i found wrong with my 1996 1.8 cdx is the electric window motor regulators tend to fail around the 100000ish mark particuarly the drivers window water pumps are prone to going aswell sometimes little niggly alarm problems but otherwise shouldint let you down ive had my 1.8 for about 8 years its on the 150000 miles mark and still going strong ive only had to replace the normal wear and tear stuff like tyres batteries a ball joint a wheel bearing etc still on original shocks starter altenator back brakes also they are very cheap to buy with all the extras aircon etc just make sure its got service history and the cambelts changes and you should be good let us know what you go for m8 they are very good on the mpg aswell even the 2.0 engines inluding the gt
  15. JNR


    hi all i own a carina e gt with the same engine as celicas so thought i would post my question here my cambelt broke and was wondering is the 3sge engine a non intereference engine meaning if my belt snapped it will not effect my engine and i will only need the belt done the AA bloke who came out said to me all my internals will be busted i asked him several times are you sure because i was sure i read on the toyota carina owners site that it would not damage my engine cheers all any help would be appriecated also is it possible to do the job myself ;)
  16. yes i have the gti and a 1.8 cdx to be honest the ball joints on the gt where easier to remove hehe thanks for your reply m8
  17. hi all i need a new lower ball joint for my 1.8 carina e 1996 my question is is it easy to fit as it says in the haynes manual you have to remove hub when i look under i can see 4 bolts 1 at the top of balljoint and 3 attached underneath to lower arm has anyone done this before and how easy was it will i have to remove hub as that seems a lot of hassle just for a balljoint any help would be grateful
  18. hi dude same thing is happening to me on my 1996 1.8 cdx cant you just replace the battery on it after taking out siren
  19. hi all got a question for ya last night my alarm was going of and on continuisly with gaps of maybe 3 to 5 seconds even when i was driving it it was locking and unlocking ok with the key fob i ended up having to disconnect my battery lead you can imagine all my neighbours lol it happened on my 1.8 cdx not the gti i dont use my 1.8 a lot these days but decided to take it for a spin and drove all day in it and night without any problems can anyone shed some light on this for me any help would be much appreciated
  20. i agree also i think our trusty carinas need thier own home
  21. hi bro try halfords for a facia they do loads
  22. im having the same problem on mine let us know how ya get on m8y
  23. sometimes its just your abs wheel sensor a common problem on carinas i know toyota charge 40 quid a side but you could get it done cheaper also my fob dont wanna work half the time either sometimes im standing for more than 2 mins trying to get the bugger opened
  24. hi there my brothers just became a member of the toyota family after years of me telling him to get a toyota hes just bought a w reg avensis 1.8 gls with just over 30.000 miles on the clock so practicly new is there any annoying faults he should know about his handbrake is squeaking when he lifts it up and is driving him nuts lol any sugestions on what it could be also hes only getting 2 clicks when he engages it any help appreicated
  25. bit of help needed lads my car is the super red colour 1994 carina e gti my problem is the last owner neglected her a bit and shes dulled and oxided quite a bit whats my best option ive tryed t cut a few months back got it ok but its still pretty bad would i be best using a buffer or good old elbow grease with a different product or take it into a garage to get it professionaly done any help would be appreciated cheers all jay
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