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  1. well so far me thinks everyone agrees he has to go i think gordon would make a top scotland manager and would get 100& out of the players our next game is a friendly against sweden and they are a great team and we all know what henrik larsson can do get a new manager in before the italy game in march and see what he gets out of the players for the sweden match
  2. i imagined it to be a deeper purple to but looking good as scottish SR said its unique nice 1 m8y
  3. i dunno about talentless m8 but they are certainly misguided scotland have ever been mugs weve always had good results we use to be a very tough team to beat theres a extreme lack of passion in the whole team and its because of berti vogts hes had his chance now get him out :censor: however i do agree with scottish SR its a long term development strategy that we need ;) and youth development
  4. yes i know m8 its a young team but his tactics and his attemps at getting the team pumped up are just not working if he was a good manager he would get the best out of his players and know exactly the best position to play them in i know scotland aint the best team in the world but all the so called minnow teams like faroe islands belraus etc seem to be getting better but scotland are just getting worse every game when craig brown was in charge we where number 20 in the fifa rankings at one point but now we are 68th with the likes of zambia and peru :o scotland havent ever won anything but they have always hadsome good results and qualifyed for world cups its the first time last saturday we have been beat at home in a world cup qualifyer for about 40 years against norway a new manager who knows what hes doing will turn that team around know matter what hes got to play with get him and tommy burns out its embaressing
  5. ok guys i personaly think he should go hes not the right man for job i was all for supporting him but he cant even communicate to his own players his english isint that hot some of team selections and tactics have been totaly bull i think he should just do the right thing and resign whats all your views on this ;) hes the worst manager ive ever seen for scotland :ffs:
  6. and remember to do a good 10 minute warm up with some stretches and a 5 min run on the spot dont use to heavy a weight either at first gradualy build the weights up over a period of time dont go in all gung ho lifting to much weight you might do some damage the way i use to do it was a day of weights and then a day of running a few miles do it like that and you should be fine and in between each set of exersises always leave at least 1 min
  7. :!Removed!: :!Removed!: :!Removed!:
  8. hehe a lot of hoops fans eh i support celtic 100% ;)
  9. JNR

    Toyota Devil Horns

    received today thank you steve
  10. lmfao who the hell owns the moon :P
  11. :D :D :D MY SIDES ARE KILLING ME im still rotfpmsl hehe guys a nutter :P
  12. yer hops so m8 lot of injuries tho :!Removed!: norway are a good team
  14. i would phone them back up and explain you forgot to quse you discount can you have it now whats the worse that can happen they say no 30 quid is 30 quid ;)
  15. would just like to add good luck to all the home nations in action this weekend i know we need it lol
  16. lmfao that looks wonderful m8 bet you enjoyed every minute
  17. speaking from a neutral perspective should be a close run one very tight but i think england will just shade it but who knows maybe a draw lol and isint mark hughes manager of blackburn now
  18. JNR

    Toyota Devil Horns

    cheers steve m8 just paid by paypal nice one
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