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  1. hehe always skint could anyone lend me a fiver :P :P :P :P
  2. lol just stick a few quid in per day problem solved hehe :P :P :P
  3. JNR

    Toyota Devil Horns

    i will have a set m8y just tell us how and when to make payment
  4. er sorry i was must have typed that at same time
  5. oi rach you forgot about this one the 5th award
  6. while your measuring rach you can see who has the wrinklest balls aswell so there will be ahem 2 awards up for grabs so to speak lmfao :P :P :P
  7. Ummmmm Ive got a scorecard somewhere......... (And no, Im not joking!!! ) lmao :P are we measuring when its soft or hard pmsl :P
  8. wish i had the money dude thats one sweet looking ride
  9. i like it very nice i love the inside very sweet and the outsides nice to only fault i can give it is the wheels but they are easily changed ;) :P
  10. happy birthday was gonna say dont get to drunk but im gonna say get as bladdered as you can and make a complete fool of yourself thats what birthdays are for hehe :P :P :D
  11. know how ya feel m8y ive had a mad cold last few weeks went away then next day i felt like shet got something else it just keeps coming back cant get rid of it my head feels like its gonna explode sometimes and the cough i was up all last night with it i hate !Removed! colds :!Removed!: hope you feel better soon m8y
  12. nice one rach at last you got one hehe
  13. i would stop and help and phone ambulance and coppers its not very likely its a trap in the middle of the day with so much traffik about just lock your car up i agree with earl well said m8 and maybe other cars would have stopped after you stopped if nothing else to be nosy i couldint live with the guilt of not stopping what if you didint stop and you heard on the news or something that the woman was raped and died or hit and run and died because no one stopped to help i would definitely have stopped. What did happen to the woman
  14. happy birthday dude now you can get legaly ****** lol
  15. get a set m8 you wont be dissapointed hehe that be brilliant electric shock spin caps :P just remember tho when your pumping your tyres up to turn them off or your in for a nasty shock hehe
  16. argghhhhhh ive had 3 sets of caps stolen all nice sets even the rickbrooke antitheft ones they are crap ive found the perfect answer tho got a set of spincaps from usa where cheap aswell about 13 dollars including delivery tax etc they are pretty nice you get more expensive ones aswell had them on the car for about 4 months now and no one can get at them lol you get a special key which has 2 little prongs on it and that unlocks it if you dont have the key they just spin :P !Removed! ingenius i tell ya heres a link spincaps for everyone to get them the webpage seems to be taking ages to load up just now even on adsl so bear with it they are worth purchasing whats more satisfying tho is i can just imagine some little ****s trying to steal them and they are spinning and spinning and spinning pmsl so a big %$( you to the theiving *****s hope ths helps some of you heres a pic of them clicky
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